Know How to Turn Off SOS on iPhone Using Topnotch 9 Unique Solutions

| Updated on January 4, 2024
Turn Off SOS on iPhone

You may want to disable the “SOS feature” on your iPhone for any reason but may feel reluctant to do it thinking that doing it needs some technical know-how.

how to get sos off iPhone

Let me tell you that just the reverse is true. It is nothing but a child’s play. Yes, you don’t have to call any technician as you can fix this error by yourself. 

Simply read this complete article to understand the core method of how to deactivate emergency SOS and the other 9 solutions regarding how to get rid of SOS on iPhone. So, it’s time to dive into the article.   

What Does the “SOS Feature” on iPhones?

SOS feature on iPhone

Sometimes, you may encounter either “SOS” or “SOS only” in your iPhone’s status bar, implying your phone doesn’t currently have regular cellular service. 

The complete form of SOS is “Save Our Souls’‘ or “Save Our Ship”. If you ever see this feature on your iPhone, you can only make quick emergency calls. All you need is to activate the SOS feature so that local emergency services can come to know that you need their help.

Therefore, this “SOS feature” has proved to be of crucial help whenever you get stuck in a dangerous situation and require local services for your rescue.

Additionally, if your phone can’t catch the network in any remote area and you have to call for help, this SOS feature can come in handy.

  • To activate the “SOS” feature on your iPhone, you have to long press and hold the side button along with one of the volume buttons till you see the “Emergency SOS” slider on the screen.
  • Simply move the slider towards the other side so that you can call emergency services.
  • Finally, doing the same according to the steps mentioned above can make your iPhone automatically call emergency services within a few seconds.

Note: If you use iOS 11 or later models, you can easily find this “SOS” feature, however, the below iOS models are not enabled with this feature.

Why Should You Turn off SOS on the iPhone?

Although the ‘SOS’ feature can be a lifesaver in certain situations by quickly allowing you to contact for help during any emergency, but this feature can be a disaster too if you tap on it accidentally, i.e., when you don’t need it.

To understand clearly why you should turn this SOS feature off on your iPhone, go through the following points:

  • You may have often tapped on the “SOS” feature accidentally. If such happens to you frequently, then it’s high time you should consider turning this feature off to avoid the risk of false alarms further.
  • You may also have observed that the side button of your iPhone is quite sensitive. On account of this, you may happen to use and hold the side button which in turn may frequently trigger the “SOS” feature.

In this situation, you should get rid of this feature so that you can easily use the side button for other functions.

How to Turn Off Emergency SOS On an iPhone?

If the Emergency SOS feature on your iPhone, instead of any worthy assistant becomes more of a nuisance to you, then follow the guide mentioned below to turn it off:

  1. Visit Settings on your iPhone.
  2. Search for the “Emergency SOS” option and tap on the same once you find it.
  3. Disable the “Auto Call” option by toggling off its slider to the other side.
  4. Alternatively, to turn off your iPhone by taking a screenshot, you can also switch off the “Call with Side Button” option if you want to get rid of the Emergency SOS feature.

Note: Be very clear that despite turning off the “Auto Call” option, you can always swipe right on your Lock screen and tap on the “Emergency SOS ” button in case you want to use the Emergency SOS feature.

How to Turn Off SOS Using Other Solutions? 

If you want to explore how to deactivate emergency SOS using other hacks apart from the core method which I illustrated above, then go through the below-illustrated solutions one by one and choose any of them to get rid of the SOS feature on your iPhone. 

Solution 1: Use the “Siri” Feature

For all of you who use voice commands, using Siri would be an appropriate option to disable SOS on your iPhone the process to disable SOS on your iPhone is as follows:

  • Start with either long pressing the “Side button” or saying “Hey Siri”.
  • Now, say either of the following:
  1. “Turn off Emergency SOS” or
  2. “Disable Emergency SOS”.
  • Finally, you will get a confirmation from Siri informing you that “Emergency SOS has been turned off”

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Solution 2: Adjust Settings in “Control Center”

Instead of accessing the “Settings app”, you can go through the Control Center to disable the SOS feature on the iPhone. The steps in this regard are mentioned below:

  • Visit the Control Center on your device.
  • Press and hold the “Emergency SOS button” till you see the “Emergency SOS slider” option.
  • Finally, toggle the “Emergency SOS slider” to the left side to disable the feature.

Solution 3: Switch Airplane Mode Off and On

According to the feedback of numerous users, it is discovered that simply turning the “Airplane Mode off and on can get you free of the SOS feature on your iPhone. 

Once you switch on the ”Airplane Mode” again after turning it off, the “SOS icon” disappears. Simply do as directed below to know you can do it:

  • Open the home screen of your iPhone, visit “Settings” and tap on the “gear icon”.
  • Locate the “Airplane mode” and turn it off.
  • To do it in another way, you can also move towards the “Control Center” and herein tap on “Airplane Mode” to turn it on or off.
    Turn Airplane mode off and on

Solution 4: Switch Cellular Data Off and On

Do you know that switching the cellular data off and on can also help you remove the “SOS feature” from your iPhone? 

I have mentioned the steps below on this aspect to help you proceed smoothly, read them thoroughly: 

  • Navigate to your “Settings” from your “Home screen”
  • Tap on the “Cellular” option and then slide the Cellular Data to either turn it on or off.
    Switch Cellular data off and on
  • To follow the same process in another way, you can also move to “Control Center” and adjust the “Cellular Data settings” from there. 

Solution 5: Verify the “Carrier Settings Update”

If you have purchased a new iPhone recently then you can update its basic features to turn off the SOS feature.

To understand how to take off SOS on iPhone this way, I will suggest you refer to the below-mentioned steps to check and verify its “Carrier Settings Update”: 

  • Head over to: “Settings >> General”
  • Tap on the “About” located at the topmost position. See here whether the update appears in the “Carrier” section.
    Visit “General  About  Update”

Note: You will see the “Carrier Settings” update only when updates occur.Additionally, if you want to see the present version of Carrier Settings on your iPhone, tap on the “version number” and you will get access to all the additional carrier information on the screen.

Solution 6. Reset Network Settings

A more reliable solution regarding how to remove SOS from iPhone is to “reset the Network Settings”. If you don’t know the process of how to do it, then I will suggest you follow the illustrated guidelines I provided below:

  • Visit: “Settings >> General”.
  • Move downwards to tap on the “Transfer or reset iPhone” option.
  • Tap on “Reset >> Reset Network Settings”.
  • After the network is reset, you will get the signals of your iPhone back.
    Reset your iPhone’s network settings

However, all those of you who are using iPhone 14 or below may wonder, “How to turn off SOS on iphone 14?” or “How to turn off SOS on iPhone 11?” and so on. 

If such is the case, then refer to the guidelines mentioned below for resetting your “Network Settings” on your iPhone, here’s how: 

  • Visit: “Settings >> General >> Reset option”
  • Finally, choose the option that reads“Reset Network Settings”
    Resetting Network settings using iPhone 14 or belows

Solution 7: Reboot Your iPhone

To turn off emergency SOS on your iPhone, you can also restart your device and see the favorable change you are looking for. All you need is to follow the steps as illustrated below:

  • Long press the “volume up button” and release it.
  • Subsequently, follow the same with the volume down button.
  • Subsequently, press and hold the “side button”.
  • Once the “Apple logo” displays on the screen, release the button. Your iPhone will re-catch the signals once it gets restarted.
Rebooting iPhone

Solution 8: Check Your SIM Card

Do you use a “Physical SIM card? If you do, it may be possible that the SIM card is either damaged or not inserted properly. Because of this, you may encounter the “SOS icon” on your screen.

Therefore, you should check the SIM card in your phone, understand the error and amend it at your earliest to get rid of the “SOS” feature.

Solution 9: Ask for iPhone Support

iPhone support

Lastly, if you are fed up trying all of the above hacks and still couldn’t get how to turn SOS off on iPhone, then it’s time that you should ask for help from “iPhone Support”. You can choose any of them there, i.e., Apple Community, Get Support, or Support app to get your problem resolved. 

Some key takeaways regarding the SOS feature

  • To turn off the Emergency SOS feature on your iPhone, simply go to “Settings >> Emergency SOS”
  • Switch off the Call using the Side Button option and the Auto Call option.
  • Remember, despite switching off the Call using the Side Button, the Emergency SOS slider will still be available to make a call.
  • To turn on the Emergency SOS feature again in the future, simply follow the same steps and the feature will reappear on your device.

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Final Verdict 

Finally, you have gone through all the tricks and I hope that you are very clear about how to remove SOS from iPhone by now. Every solution to get “SOS mode iPhone turn off” on your device is straightforward, and all you need is to follow the exact guidelines I specified above and execute the steps chronologically. 

Depending upon your convenience, you can choose any of the solutions and try executing them and following this way, you will get rid of the “SOS feature”. 


Ans: The “SOS” feature appears on your iPhone’s status bar when your phone can’t connect to a cellular network signal. In such a situation, you can make emergency calls only. 


  1. Visit “Settings” on your iPhone.
  2. Select the “Emergency SOS feature”
  3. Switch the slider “Call After Severe Crash” to the other side to disable it. 


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