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| Updated on March 2, 2023


Techzeel is an informational site from which viewers can acquire knowledge in varied fields. The use of our website is subject to the terms and conditions noted below: 

  1. Techzeel contains information and holds the authority to make amendments anytime on the website with any notification. We also hold the right to suspend the site or any part of it (whether temporarily or permanently) without any prior notice.
  1. The content available on our website is not advisable to be used by individuals under 13. We suggest that individuals under 13 should not provide any of their personal information to us. 
  1. Techzeel does not guarantee the use of our site and the availability of its content in various countries. Keep in mind the use of our site may not be authorized for certain individuals or in specific nations.
  1. If the website is not available to someone or regions, that may act as a bummer to the users and for us too. Readers are guided to take consent of the local law, from where the users are willing to explore our website.
  1. In case disputes arise out of our site, they can be governed in accordance with the rights and laws.  

Privacy Policy

  1. At first, we collect basic information such as name, date of birth, contact number, and other details from visitors, and that too only when they are willing to share with us.
  1. The gathered data is directly provided by you (the end-users) while making use of our website. We don’t force anyone to share their details on our website; you are sharing your information with your own consent.
  1. We take the security of our visitors into consideration, which is why we do not share and exploit their information. We deliberately gather information to maintain a database for our reference only. 


We at Techzeel contain details that are solely for informational purposes. By visiting our site, you can add value or educate yourself with the information provided by us. Being an informational site, we do not guarantee any accuracy, value, or completeness. If someone is relying on the information visible, they should not consider us liable for any sort of errors, omission, incompleteness, or inaccuracies in the information.

Intellectual Property

We consider the materials like music, sounds, videos, software, text, photographs, graphics, illustrations, artwork, names, logos, and trademarks that are being displayed on our site as our intellectual property and hence are protected by copyright. Visitors cannot sell, publish, broadcast, or circulate these materials without a written consent form from Techzeel.

Trademarks & Logos 

No one can use the term Techzeel or https://techzeel.net/ without any prior written authorization from us because the trademarks, service marks, logos, names, etc., are considered the trademarks of Techzeel, its affiliates, or licensors. 

About Our Team

Techzeel consists of a team including writers, editors, and developers. They are responsible for content creation, editing, and publishing on the website. Our team is dedicated to accomplishing profound research and publishing the information as per the trends. We, as a team, believe in the significance of delivering an effective piece of information to our readers. Our team delivers information for several fields like the Internet, Technology, Social Media, Business, etc. Our team is working hard to educate our readers with the right information. 

Right of Termination

Being the authority holder, we hold rights of termination such as:

  1. We secure the authority to remove or delete any post or part from the contributors at any time without any prior notification.
  1. We would undergo legal action if anyone is found practicing unauthorized use of our website or may be found violating the “Terms of Use.” Remember, the information that doesn’t contest any right ultimately results in harming the personal safety of the site, an individual, or the company.
  1. At times, we can reveal the identity of an individual if found violating rights or “Terms of Use,” which would be in cooperation with authorities or court order. 

Prohibited Use of the Site 

Visitors can use our website in the most appropriate manner that involves lawful purposes and enduring with the mentioned “Terms of Use.” With your continued use of our site, you agree to use our website in the noted ways: 

  1. You can’t exploit laws or regulations stated by federal, state, local, or international governments.
  1. Your usage on our site does not contrast to transfer advertising and promotional materials. These advertising and promotional materials include junk mail, chain letter, spam, etc.
  1. Your usage of our site should not harm Techzeel by any means and should not restrict the access of our site to anyone.

Content Standards

The content standards are the set of standards that are expected to be followed by the contributors and should act in accordance with applicable laws and regulations. Content standards would be described on the basis of the following: 

  1. Contributors must not contain abusive, offensive, or hateful materials.
  1. Publicizing sexually explicit, violent, or discriminative content can be considered an offense against the law.
  1. If contributors are found indulging themselves in any illegal activity or unlawful act, then they could be punished as per the laws. 

Liability Disclaimer

We won’t be responsible for any loss or direct or indirect damages to individuals. Users use our website at their own risk. While using our site, you or the end users are giving up claims against Techzeel and its affiliates or licensors that might arise with your use or the information available. 

Third-Party Links, Websites, Advertisements, and Content

While accessing the website, one may encounter third-party links, websites, and advertisements displayed occasionally on our website. They have their own set of norms. We do not monitor or review them. However, we are not answerable for any data or statements on third-party advertisements or linked websites that we do not manage.

Entire Agreement

The mentioned terms of use carry the whole agreement between you or the end-user and Techzeel. Also, we substitute all the prior agreements, presentations, and warranties (both verbal and written). Techzeel deals in accordance with the norms established by Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA). Posting copywriting materials on our site lets you face the consequences of the same.

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