Google Lens for iPhone: Make Online Searching Easier and Fun

| Updated on May 27, 2024
google lens for iphone

Do you want to search for something on Google using your iPhone but do not know how to describe it in words? Don’t worry; Google Lens is here to solve the issue.

It is a vision-based tool that allows you to translate text, find similar images, do text extraction from images, and much more. iPhone users can use this feature on their devices after installing Google from the App Store. 

In this guide, we are going to deliver complete information about the workings of Google Lens on iOS devices and how to use it in different ways on your iPhone.

Google Lens for iPhone: Overview and Uses

Google Lens is a visual search tool that captures real-time images from the camera roll to quickly search online for more context. It compares the objects in your picture to other web images and ranks them according to their similarity and relevance to your image. The tool truly works on the Google ranking algorithm and is not affected by any commercial arrangements. 

Some of the most popular and helpful uses of Google Lens are as follows:

  • Make Shopping Interesting

    With Google Lens, you can shop by capturing a picture of any dress, furniture, or item and search, for the same product online on various shopping platforms. This way, you don’t have to describe what you are looking for. 

  • Copy and Translate Text

    You can translate text in real-time in more than 100 languages, and, can also copy text or numbers from an image to use it further. 

  • Get Help with Your Homework

    Google Lens also helps students with their doubts. It provides solutions, videos, and results for the scanned question through the web. 

  • Identify Plants, Animals, and Other Objects

    The software lets you find various animals, birds, plants, and other objects by scanning them. It not only tells you the object’s name but also delivers all available articles regarding it.

However, Google Lens doesn’t have any dedicated app available for iPhones. You can directly use it with your device’s latest version of Google. 

How to Use Google Lens on iPhone in Real-Time?

If you see a dress and want to look it up on Google, or if you want to learn more about a plant, animal, or other object, you can use your iPhone’s real-time Google Lens feature. To do this, follow the given procedure:

  1. Visit Google on your iPhone and tap on the Google Lens icon on the right side of the search bar that looks like a camera.
    Open Google then tap on the Google Lens icon
  1. Now, hit the Search with your camera option given on the screen.
    Select Search with your camera option
  1. Then, point the camera to the object that you want to search online and tap the shutter icon.
    Take a photo of the object
  1. Finally, scroll through the list of results displayed by Google regarding the search. You can also crop the image to search for a particular part of it.
    Check the results

Google Lens has several other modes available, such as Homework, Places, Dining, Text, Translate, Identify Songs, and more, which you can switch between by swiping left or right.

Note: While capturing an object, make sure it is still so that Google can properly analyze it to show the best possible results. 

How to Use Google Lens with Saved Photos on iPhone?

Not just in real-time, but it is also possible to use the lens tool with already saved photos on your device. There are two ways to get more information about a saved image with Google Lens:

Access Camera Roll from Google

You can also access the gallery of your phone to get information about the photos you have captured. Here are the steps that you have to follow for it: 

  1. Open Google and hit the Google Lens icon.
    Open Google then tap on the Google Lens icon
  1. Select the image that you want to search for on Google, or change the folder to find more images by tapping on the downward pointing arrow next to the Screenshot option.
    Tap on the Picture
  1. Finally, Google will serve you with the available results regarding the selected photo.
    Surf through the web results

Note: By giving the location permission to Lens, you can enjoy more precise results that are highly relevant to that particular region.

Access Camera Roll with Google Photos App

Another way to use the Google Lens tool is with Google Photos on your iPhone or iPad. The app is Google’s cloud photo backup service, where you can find all the saved photos on your camera roll and also sort iPhone photos without duplicates

  1. First, install Google Photos and permit it to access your photos and videos.
    Install Google Photos
  1. Open the app and head to the relevant photo you want to search online.
    Visit app then Select the Photo
  1. Now, tap on the Lens icon below.
    Tap on the Lens icon
  1. Finally, you can check the Google results. 
    Check the resultss

Note: You have to provide permission to access the device’s photos in both of the given methods. 

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How to Use Google Lens with an Online Image?

Assume you are visiting a page or looking for a specific image on Google and you find the desired results, about which you want to learn more using Google Lens. Will you take a screenshot of it? That is not at all necessary! Here are the two ways to deal with this:

Explore the Image from the Search Results

If you are looking for images of a gift or something else and want to learn more about it or find similar products, you can do so directly from the image without having to describe it in a search bar. You just have to follow two simple steps:

  1. On your iPhone, visit Google and search for an image.
    Open Google then Search for the image
  1. Select the image and tap on the Google Lens icon given in the bottom left corner of the image.
    Select the Image then Google Lens icon
  1. Then, you can see all the web results related to that image.
    Scroll through the results

Explore the Image from a Website

When you come across a photo on a website and want to gather more details about it, here is how you can use the Google Lens feature to do so:

  1. Open Google and navigate to a website that contains the required image that you want to learn more about.
    Visit Google then Open the webpage with the required image
  1. Long-tap the image and select the Search Image with Google Lens option.
    Long-tap the image then Select Search Image with Google Lens
  1. Finally, this will display a list of relevant results. You can tap on any one of them to read more.
    Check the result

Here, you can find similar photos, descriptions, links to the site, and shopping options that vary as per the searched item.

Translate Text with Google Lens

With Google Lens, you can easily translate any language into your native language to read the text. For this, you  only have to follow the steps given below: 

  1. First, visit Google on your iPhone and tap on the Google Lens icon.
    Open Google then tap on the Google Lens icon
  1. Select Translate from the options given below.
    Select the Translate option
  1. Now, hold your camera to the text that you want to translate and Google will automatically detect its language. But you have to select the language in which you want to translate it by tapping on the right-side language option (no matter which language is selected there by default).
    Tap on the right side language button
  1. Select the required language from the list.
    Select the language
  1. Next, tap on the shutter button to capture the photo.
    Tap on the Shutter icon
  1. In the end, Google will translate the text into your language. 
    Read the translated text

Note: You can also translate the text of a screenshot simply by going to the gallery icon given in the left corner of the shutter screen.

Do Homework with Google Lens

Are you facing an issue with your homework and unable to find the answer? Google Lens will help you in that case as well. From mathematical equations to literature, you can scan any question and get the answer through this amazing tool. Here are the steps that you have to follow for this:

  1. First, visit Google > select the Google Lens icon. 
    Open Google then tap on the Google Lens icon
  1. From the options given below, tap on Homework.
    Select the Homework option
  1. Keep the question within the box and take a photo of it by tapping on the shutter icon.
    Tap on the Shutter icons
  1. Finally, Google will serve you with suitable answers.
    Get the answer

Similar to Google Lens Search and Translate, you can directly select the screenshot from the gallery icon on the shutter screen and get the answer to your homework.

Final Words

In conclusion, we can say that Google Lens for iPhone is an amazing and useful tool that makes searching easier and helps you in many ways. You do not have to spend time typing anymore.  

Just snap a photo and make exploration more interesting and informative with this revolutionary search tool by Google!

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Ans: This is a visual searching tool that both iPhone and Android users can use to find objects, translate text, and do many other things.

Ans: On iPhone, visit the App Store and install the latest version of Google from there. Then, you can use Google Lens in various ways.

Ans: Google Lens can be accessed from the search bar on Google on an iPhone.

Ans: Yes, you can use it on the latest version of Google and the Google Photos app.

Ans: Yes, the tool is completely free to use on iPhone.


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