Learn How to Hide Photos on iPhone to Protect Your Privacy

| Updated on January 2, 2024
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Apple’s iPhone never fails to disappoint its users. Whether it’s about smooth functioning or processing power, you can always find tips and tricks to keep it working at peak performance. In addition, it consists of an exceptional feature that allows you to hide photos in your phone in a fraction of a second.

As said, read the article to find out how to hide photos on iPhone, including how to unhide them, and view them.

How to Hide Pictures on iPhone on iOS 16 or Newer with the Photos App?

The Photos app’s built-in feature allows you to hide photos which can be extremely useful for securing your private stuff. 

Now, follow the steps mentioned below to learn how to hide photos on iPhone using the Photos app.

  • Open the Photos app.
    Open Photos app
  • Select a photo you wish to hide.
    Select a Photo
  • Tap the circled three-dot icon in the top left corner.
    Tap on the more menu
  • Click on Hide.
  • Select Hide Photo from the confirmation dialog box.
    Click Hide Photo

Note: The steps to hide photos on iPhone may slightly differ in previous or upcoming versions of iOS. 

Hence, the photos will not appear in your main photo library. Furthermore, your hidden photos will move to a hidden album iPhone.

In case, you are using iOS 15 or earlier:

To hide photos: Open the Photos App>> Tap on a photo you wish to hide>> Tap the Action icon in the bottom left corner (Square with the arrow coming out like icon)>> Swipe up the list of options>> Tap on Hide>> Select Hide Photo

How to Hide the Hidden Album in iPhone?

iPhone hidden photos do not assure enough security for you. In that case, you must consider hiding the hidden album on your iPhone. 

Follow the steps to hide the hidden album:

  • Open Settings (gear-like icon) on your iPhone.
  • Scroll down and tap on the Photos app.
  • Navigate and toggle off the Show Hidden Album.
    Toggle off Show Hidden Album
  • Now, you will not be able to spot hidden album, in your photos until you turn the setting on.
    Hidden Album is not available

In addition, making your hidden album inaccessible can help you to protect your privacy on a higher note. 

How to Find Hidden Photos on iPhone?

You might wish to explore your favorite memories that you have kept a secret from people around you on your phone. To do so, follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Open the Photos app.
  • Scroll down and tap on Hidden under Utilities.
    Hidden under Utilities
  • Use Face ID, Touch ID, or Password to unlock the hidden album.

Now, you can walk around the hidden album and relive your special moments. 

How to Unhide Hidden Photos on iPhone on iOS 16 and Newer?

It is very obvious if you save your important documents in a Hidden album to keep them protected. To access or view them anytime, follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Open the Photos app.
  • Scroll down and Tap on Hidden under Utilities.
  • Now, the Face ID, Touch ID, or Password option will prompt to enable access to it. 
  • Tap on the circled three-dot icon located at the top of the screen.
    Tap on more menu
  • Select Unhide from the list of options.
    Select Unhide
  • Now, you will be able to see the picture in your main gallery or at its reserved location. 

Note: The earlier versions of iOS didn’t have security prompts, including Face ID, Touch ID, or Password, but the new available versions (iOS 15 and iOS 16) have introduced this for every iOS model. 

Remember to hide sensitive images or important documents again, as unhiding pictures will make them available in the main gallery and can be revealed accidentally amongst your close ones. 

In case, you are using iOS 15 or earlier:

To Unhide Photos: Open Photos app>> Swipe down and tap Hidden Albums>> Tap on the photo you wish to unhide>> Tap on the Action icon>> Swipe up the list of options>> Tap Unhide>> The photo will appear at its original location. 

How to Hide Photos Using the Notes App?

The inbuilt feature in the photos app is considered prominent. Surprisingly, there is an alternative way to hide your photos using the Notes App. This app locks the photos in the form of notes, which can be accessed only with the passwords.

Here’s how to do it:

  • Open the Notes app on your iPhone.
    Open Notes1
  • Create a new note and click on the camera-like icon.
    Tap on the camera-like icon
  • Tap on Choose Photo or Video from the list of options.
    Select Choose Photo or Video
  • Select the photo you wish to lock.
    Select the photo
  • Click on Add.
  • Click on the More menu (circled three-dot icon) and tap on the lock.
  • Enter your lock notes password and click OK.
    Enter Password and click OK
  • Now your note is locked. 
    View note
Quick Tip – To view the note: Tap on View Note>> then enter the Password.

In case you are not able to lock the note, follow the instructions to change the settings:

  • Open Settings.
  • Scroll down to search Notes.
    Tap on Notes
  • Tap on Password.
    Tap on Password
  • Check one between Use Device Passcode or Use Custom Password.
    choose a password

Now, you have to delete the original photos from the camera roll and remove all from the recently deleted folders to ensure the safety of your private stuff. If you want, you can also convert your pictures to PDF on your iPhone and lock them for better security.

Why Would Anyone Want to Hide Photos?

You might agree that your phone must include sensitive or private images you would rather not show to anyone else. Nevertheless, some of your friends or relatives never stop peeping into your phone’s gallery. That is why, hiding private photos in your mobile phones becomes a necessity as it keeps them safe and secure. Moreover, you should regularly check if someone is accessing your iPhone remotely to safeguard your data and info. 

The other reasons may include protecting your privacy, hiding adult content, securing screenshots that include confidential information, and more. Even though you get an in-built app on your iPhone, you can also consider installing any third-party apps for better features and safety aspects.

Third-Party Apps to Hide Photos on iPhone

Besides the photos app, the App Store consists of third-party apps that you can consider to hide pictures on your iPhone. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • Best Secret Folder – Best Secret Folder allows you to hide or lock your private photos and videos. Moreover, the app supports the most advanced security lock techniques, like pattern lock, Face ID, or Touch ID to provide top-notch security.
  • Keepsafe – Keepsafe allows you to preserve your special moments, and private pictures and organize driver’s license photocopies, and other related documents with a PIN passcode. Moreover, it is one of the most popular vaults with over 70 million users.
  • Calculator – The app looks like a calculator which makes it difficult for hackers to discover its actual use. It has numerous features that make it popular among photo security apps. 

These third-party apps are the best and simplest way to hide your personal data seamlessly without any effort. 


Besides the built-in app feature, the third-party apps available on the app store allow hiding photos and video features. Hence, it is suggested that you go through all the terms and conditions of the app to ensure the safety of your sensitive stuff. 

When photos and videos contain sensitive yet personal content, it’s simply not suggested to take the risk of leaving them out in the open.

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Ans: To lock hidden photos: Open Settings>> Tap Photos>> Toggle off Show Hidden Album.

Ans: Yes, it is possible to hide photos on iPhone. Make sure your phone is updated with the new available version.

Ans: To hide photos on my iPhone: Settings>> Photos>> Toggle on Hidden Album. 

Ans: To add photos to the hidden album: Open Photos App>> Select Photo>> More Menu>> Hide.


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