Is Apple Removing Emojis in 2024? — Find Out WHAT Emojis are Apple Removing After iOS Update 16.4

| Updated on February 14, 2024
What emojis are Apple removing 2023
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Is Apple removing emojis? It’s a question that has set the internet on fire since the latest iOS update, 16.4. 

For a long time, emojis have been a way to display emotions. Prominent platforms like Apple have created their own emoji sets that perfectly match the user’s vibe. The Apple emojis are set to be updated every once in a while to make them more versatile for use. 

However, the latest iOS 16.4 update has made some changes to these unique emo tags, which left people wondering what emojis are Apple removing. This article will clear the air about Apple removing emojis and give you a rough idea of what to expect next time you open your emoji tabs.

Is Apple Removing Emojis?

As of now, Apple has no plans to remove any emojis from the emo tab; however, it has made some changes to beat its competitors. 

In the new update, Apple has brought quite a few additions to make the OS better than before, and this includes a fresh new set of emojis for users. The latest update has raised some concerns, leading to people asking what emojis are Apple removing from its devices.

Apple is known for making regular changes to its collection of emoticons. To stand out from others, Apple prefers redesigning them instead of removing the whole emoticon from the tab. 

Apple has no plans of removing any emoji from the tabs anytime soon. Although you will still find some different emojis, they are just to make the emoji tab more diverse to use. 

Syringe emoji

For instance, Apple removed the blood part from the syringe 💉, making it compatible as a vaccination emoji as well. Likewise, after the epic launch of AirPods Max, Apple decided to rebuild the headphone symbol into an AirPods Max 🎧.

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What Emojis Are Apple Removing?

Disco ball emoji

Remember how Apple removed the disco ball emoji one month after it came into existence? Considering the past instances, anyone would surely develop a doubt that it might just as well remove some other emo tag in the future. 

Stay relieved! For now, Apple has no such plans. 

However, many users have realized that certain emojis can no longer be found in the emoji section. Indeed, many emojis like the ‘water bottle emoji’ have vanished into thin air, but it’s because these emojis happened to go out of trend. 

So, taking into account the future emoji trends, the innovation leader can decide to bring down some emo tags that are no longer favored by a large population. 

What New Emojis Have Apple Added?

Sick emoji

Apple has announced the addition of 21 new emojis to its collection. However, the creation of these emoticons was for the sole purpose of expanding the variety for its users.

So are you excited to find out the new symbols that Apple came up with this time? 

If yes, here’s a list of all the fresh and redesigned emojis in the Apple keyboard!

  • Shaking head 🫨
  • Left-facing hand in 6 skin tones 🫲 🫲🏻 🫲🏼 🫲🏽 🫲🏾🫲🏿 
  • Right-facing hand in 6 skin tones 🫱 🫱🏻 🫱🏼 🫱🏽🫱🏾🫱🏿
  • Moose 🫎
  • Donkey 🫏
  • Wings 🪽
  • Blackbird 🐦‍⬛
  • Goose 🪿
  • Jellyfish 🪼
  • Hyacinth 🪻
  • Ginger 🫚
  • Peapod 🫛
  • Hand Fan 🪭
  • Comb 🪮
  • Flute 🪈
  • Maracas 🪇
  • Pink Heart 🩷
  • Blue Heart 💙
  • Grey Heart 🩶
  • Khanda 🪯 
  • Wireless 🛜

When you update your iOS to the latest version, you will surely be able to find all the above emojis in your collection. So, what are you waiting for? Use the new emojis on your iOS device and bring your text to life. 

Now that these newly designed emojis are ready to join the emoji race, let’s take a quick look at some emojis that have been topping the charts for a long time.

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Some Popular Emojis That Are Topping The Trends

Emojis have become a whole other language that can convey your hardest emotions in a single expression. From Gen Z to millennials and boomers, every generation has a different way of using an emoji.

But keeping up with the latest trends can be tough at times. Thus, here’s a list of emojis with their meanings that could help you express yourself the right way.

Crying Face 😭

Yes, a loudly crying emoji with tears flowing like a waterfall. But it doesn’t mean that the person is grieving or upset over something. Gen Z probably doesn’t cry real tears when they use the emoji of a crying face 😭. 

Millennials used to send this emoji to express intense feelings like deep sadness, despair, or relief that may truly bring you to tears. Among Generation Z, this emoji is usually used to express delight, such as when something is incredibly adorable, humorous, or sweet.

“Look at my Tuffy waiting patiently for food. 😭”

Thumbs Up 👍

Is it always a good thing when someone sends you a thumbs-up 👍? Not really. While millennials once used it to say things like “good job” or even “I’ve got it.”, Gen Z prefers to use this one mockingly. 

You’re probably getting a sarcastic or passive-aggressive “well done” on something you messed up, or even a “sure, whatever” in reaction to something you said. In any case, it’s less of a display of encouragement and more of an insult.

“Thanks for telling me we have a math test, just a minute before it. 👍”

Folded Hands 🙏

The ever-known folded hands emoji has been in the trend for a long while, confusing people since the start. When you received one from a friend, you might have wondered, – Are they asking for a high five? Are they praying? While boomers did use this to indicate a high five, Gen Z sends this in place of a “thank you” or to show they are requesting something from you.

“Tell me you have completed your notes and were about to send them to me. 🙏”

Fire 🔥

Is there a fire? Not quite, though. When you get the fire emoji 🔥, it basically means the person is appreciating the subject by using this emoji. It particularly goes in place of the phrases “Damn, that’s hot” or “on fire”. This emoji transcends generations, even though the lingo may have changed.

“He lit the stage on fire last night!!! 🔥 🔥 🔥”

Eyes 👀

In 2015, when it was originally added to Emoji 1.0, this one had a somewhat different meaning. The eye emoji (👀) was once used to indicate disapproval or even to say that something is spooky or not quite right. 

Now, it is used in place of phrases like “I’m listening.” or “Tell me more”. It lets you know that the person is interested in what you are saying. Though it’s more frequently employed now as a show of attention and concentration, it can still be used that way in certain situations. 

“Did you just say that Ed Sheeran dropped a new song? 👀”

Slight Smile 🙂

Nope, this is definitely not a way to share your joy or happiness. Well, it used to be. But ever since it came into the hands of Gen Z, it went from being a symbol of joy to being a sign of awkwardness. Now, you will often see people using it to put up a fake smile in situations where they feel uncomfortable or purely awkward. 

“Yeah, I’m not going to a party with zero friends.🙂”

Skull 💀

Think again if you believed that skulls were meant only for Halloween. In current days, it serves more as a sign of laughter. In 2015, when the skull emoji 💀 was included in Emoji 1.0, millennials often used it in humorous ways, typically to express a feeling of playful exhaustion. You might hear someone say:

“Just finished the hardest choreo. Cause of death: vibing hard 💀.”

In current days, people are more likely to reply with a string of skull emojis 💀, that aim to send the message “I’m dying from laughing” or “I’m dying from laughter.” You can also include a headstone emoji if the skull 💀 emoji isn’t enough to convey how funny the joke or circumstance is.

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Emojis In A Nutshell

There’s no doubt that emojis have become a greater part of our lives than we think. The idea of Apple removing emojis is purely devastating. That’s why people went totally crazy asking about what emojis is Apple removing when the latest update came. 

However, the tech giant is a mastermind and won’t risk its users’ joy by removing emojis. Instead, it redesigned the old ones to make them more versatile. So, go on, check out new emoticons by yourselves, and find your new favorite emoji!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Ans: Apple has no plans for removing any emoji in the latest iOS update in 2023. But there are chances that it might remove some less popular emojis in the future.

Ans: No, Apple is not removing the loudly crying 😭 emoji in the iOS 16.4 update. And the chances of it being removed in the future are also quite low.

Ans: Apple has added 21 newly designed emojis to its collection. Some of the most popular are the pink heart, blue heart, gray heart, shaking head, left-facing hand, right-facing hand, and many more.

Ans: Apple never removed the gun emoji. Instead, the pistol-like emoji was redesigned into an emoji of a toy gun 🔫, to make it more versatile to use.


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