Do AirTags Work With Android Devices? — Learn How to Use Apple AirTags With Android

| Updated on December 21, 2023
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AirTags are the Bluetooth trackers of Apple, officially launched in April 2021. These Apple Trackers have hyped the market since the day of their launch, and currently, around 42% of users in the US stated that they love AirTags as they seamlessly integrate with the Find My network. Even many Android users have shown interest in using them, despite the fact that AirTags are limited to Apple devices.

Connecting Apple Watch with Android phones is not a big task. However, when it comes to AirTags, they can be quite an exception. Today’s write-up will exclusively focus on do AirTags work with Android phones and the alternative of AirTag for Android devices that offer similar functionality. 

Do AirTags Work With Android Devices?

The answer is no, AirTags can’t work with Android devices, as they are specifically designed to fit in with iOS systems. AirTags are strongly integrated with Find My network and primarily rely on Apple’s U1 chip to provide complete functionality, that’s why they cannot work on Android devices as they lack both. You can only scan a lost AirTag on an Android device. 

Furthermore, the complete set-up of Apple’s trackers requires an iPhone, iPad, or Mac because the Find My app is available for only iOS devices. Simply put, without the Find My app, you won’t be able to find your AirTags on the map or put them into lost mode. 

Since you cannot use Apple trackers on Android devices due to the unavailability of the Find My app, you can use the Tracker Detect app launched by Apple for Android users. 

AirTags are not fully functional with Android devices, but they work coherently with Apple devices because they are perfectly integrated with the Find My ecosystem. Read the section below to get a good understanding of how does AirTags work, so you’re better equipped to handle the device.

How Does AirTags Work With iOS Devices? 

AirTags are highly dependent on the Find My network for their location. They periodically send Bluetooth LE pings that help other Apple devices find them on the Find My network. Apple’s servers have all the location data, which ultimately allows the original owner to view the location of its AirTag. 


  • The Bluetooth signals that AirTag transmits are randomized at regular intervals to protect your Apple Tag. 
  • This tracker has Apple’s U1 Ultra Wideband chip, which facilitates precision finding even in compact areas. 
  • Apple automatically notifies you when they sense a tracker via the Find My app, so you don’t have to enable the Notify Anyway feature


  • The only limitation of AirTag is that they don’t work seamlessly with Android devices because they lack the Find My network. 

How to Use AirTags With Android? 

You can use the Tracker Detect app designed by Apple for Android users, as it is well aligned with Apple’s Find My network and can help you identify whether an AirTag is tracking you without turning on tracking notification

To scan AirTags on Android devices, you are required to install a Bluetooth scanner app. The Bluetooth scanner app will help your Android phone search for the unnamed Bluetooth devices manufactured by Apple, and then you can use its signal strength to locate them. 

You’ll need a Mac or other iOS device in order to get a precise location. Here’s how you can use AirTags with Android devices: – 

  1. Open the Find My app to track the last known location of your lost AirTag.
    open the Find My app on your Mac
  1. Install and open a Bluetooth scanner app on your Android device.
  1. Now, check for the local devices on the Bluetooth scanner. By scanning, you’ll be able to see every nearby Bluetooth device.
    Search for the local devices. 
  1. Look at the details of the unnamed device.
     Read the details of the unnamed device.
  1. Check whether Apple Inc. manufactures the unnamed device or displays the Apple logo. 
  1. Once you confirm that Apple manufactures the device, observe the signal strength of the device and move around in the same general vicinity. You can use the radar and visualization mode that all Bluetooth scanners have if the signal strength isn’t strong enough.
  1. Keep moving in the direction of the signals, and the signal strength will get stronger, as you get closer to the AirTag.
  1. Lastly, scan the AirTag with the NFC reader in your phone to confirm that it’s your AirTag once you find it. 

Remember that the scanner won’t show you the exact direction, it will give you only a rough idea of how far you are from the tracker. I suggest you use an iPhone that has a U1 chip for more precise location and directions.

Method to Scan a Lost AirTag on Android

You can scan a lost (unknown) AirTag using your Android phone. Android users don’t have the ‘Find My’ app. Still, they can scan AirTag for Android if their phone has an NFC reader. The following steps will help you know how to scan Air Tags for Android: –

  1. Take the AirTag and put it backside on your phone.
  1. You need to properly place the AirTag against the NFC reader, and contact the phone manufacturer in case you aren’t able to find the reader.
    Put the AirTag on the back of your Android phone. 
  1. Now, your phone will show a pop-up prompt or automatically launch a webpage.
    AirTag homepage.
  1. You’ll be able to see the contact number of the owner or the message the owner has entered if the AirTag is marked as lost. 

The AirTag doesn’t really work with Android devices, but yeah, if you have an NFC reader in your Android device, you can scan Apple’s tracker and help its user track it by following the aforementioned steps. While the functionality of Air Tags is limited to Android phones, there are some amazing alternatives to AirTags for Android phones.  In the subsequent section, I’ll discuss some of the alternatives to AirTags for Android users.

Alternatives of AirTag for Android Devices

AirTags are highly integrated into Apple’s ecosystem, which is why it’s difficult to use them on Android devices. Apple’s tracker can’t function properly with Android devices, so you can choose from the below-listed alternative options of AirTag for Android users. 

You have to prompt this app to track detectors, and when you scan it with AirTags, it will check for trackers that fall outside your Bluetooth device range. This app also identifies a tracker that’s tracking you by playing a beep sound for at least ten minutes. To start scanning, open the Tracker Detect app and click on the Scan option. 

Tile is undoubtedly one of the best alternatives to AirTag for Android devices, as it’s the most trusted Bluetooth-enabled tracking device. To use Tile, download the Tile app, create a Tile account, open Bluetooth on your phone, and allow the Tile app to use location tracking. Lastly, place the Tile tracker next to your phone and click the Connect button to activate the tracker. 

 Tile Tracker

This Android AirTag is a square-shaped smart tag designed by Samsung that provides seamless integration with Android devices and offers additional capabilities when connected to Samsung devices. To use this tracker, you need to install the SmartThings app, press the button on the SmartTag, and select the Add Now option on the SmartTag detected popup.  

Galaxy SmartTag

Chipolo is another tracking device that uses Bluetooth technology. It sends out-of-range alerts and directions to find items which makes it stand out from other tracking devices. These trackers easily integrate with both Android and Apple devices and are available in a variety of ranges. 

Chipolo devices

To set up Chipolo download the Chipolo app on your device, open your phone’s Bluetooth, firmly press the Chipolo, and wait for a beep sound, then place your phone next to Chipolo to connect. 

Dynotag is probably one of the best options for those who are looking for affordable trackers. Their low-key design is best for the harshest conditions and it offers a lifetime reward for return service and a lifetime automated replacement. It’s the most reliable and affordable tracker ideal for low-value items that don’t need remote tracking.

Dynotag trackers

These platform-agnostic, Android AirTag alternatives are best for people who use both Android and Apple devices, as they connect perfectly with both of them. 


Unfortunately, Apple’s trackers are different from other Bluetooth trackers and heavily rely on Apple’s U1 chip. Even the iPhones that lack Apple’s U1 chip have limited functionality with Apple’s trackers, and this limitation extends while using AirTags on Android devices. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Ans: Yes, an AirTag can be tracked for miles if it’s in the Bluetooth range of an Apple device on the Find My network.

Ans: Generally, an AirTag updates its location every two minutes, but the location update can differ depending on the number of iPhone and iOS devices in the Find My network that are near the AirTag. 

Ans: The lifespan of the AirTag’s battery is more than one year for everyday use, however, it can be affected depending on your usage. 

Ans: The AirTag is designed with user-replaceable CR2032 batteries, so there’s no way to charge it, instead, you can change its battery. 

Ans: The AirTags aren’t waterproof, but they are highly water-resistant and can withstand being submerged for up to 30 minutes. 


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