The Power of Market Research Online Communities (MROCs) in Business

| Updated on June 27, 2024
why businesses need mrocs
businesses need mrocs

An effective marketing strategy can make or break business success. Are you also planning to capture the attention of the target customers? Enter— Market Research Online Communities, but why is there so much fuss about it? MROC has gained popularity and become an effective modern research technique, where respondents research online. 

In other words, these respondents (like customers, influencers, or even employees) come together to finish a variety of discussions, tasks, and activities. It is an effective tool as they are cost-effective, and you get in-depth insights from it. Also, learn about Cloud for Business in this guide.

By using these real-time insights from your target audience, you can easily make marketing and operation decisions to get the desired outcomes. If you want to employ MROCs for your business, read this article as we will provide you with comprehensive details on how it can benefit the success of your organization.

Understanding MROCs


Market Research Online Communities (MROCs) becoming a new and emerging market research solution as a ways to stay ahead. Globally, 60% of the big brands take advantage of these insightful communities

Members are invited to do qualitative and quantitative-related activities along with general discussions in the community. Users are encouraged to interact with others in the online community. They can post blogs or vlogs, update statuses, or any other form of media related to the research topic related to your business or industry. 

To boost respondent engagement, you can also post in the form of polls and certain discussion topics, which will drive actionable insights. With MROC you can easily understand consumer behavior and choice.

How do MROCs Function?

MROC design is inspired by social media websites and other similar portals. The fundamental discussion of the virtual community is based on topics related to market research. For any business to thrive, conducting thorough research is essential for making strategies. 

If you do not do market research, you will never know what is going on in customers’ minds. MROCs help in doing exactly that by providing customers feedback in the form of surveys, interviews, polls, etc. to know if the product is accepted in the market or not. 

Here’s how Market Research Online Communities work:

  • MROC discussions can last not just days or weeks, but rather for months or even years, depending on the topic of conversation. 
  • The members of the virtual community are allowed to share media such as blogs and video recordings. In addition, they can even interact with other users by commenting and sharing profiles.
  • Through MROC businesses can gather quick insights from the market on short notice. It is well suited for tech industries, where immediate feedback is needed for rapid prototyping. 
  • The online community collects detailed insights as compared to other methods. As the conversation stretches out for a longer period, community users can be guided through complex topics gradually. These concepts are further broken down into smaller sections to help the discussion progress in an organized way.

The below statistics represent the different types of metrics used to measure online communities.

Statistics based on online communities

Advantages of MROCs

There are many advantages of using MROC research for effective discussions with customers. Below are some benefits irrespective of your company size.

  • Members, whether directly or indirectly, have to sign up to join your virtual community. Which shows their active interest in the conversation.
  • You can consider the research panel as your survey group, where you can return anytime you want.
  • As the participants of the virtual community are always ready to respond at any time, launching a survey into this group proves to be effective. You can send email invitations to the group members, and they will start responding immediately.
  • When you have your research community, it not only decreases time in gathering responses. But it also cuts down the cost of market research. 

Which can be used in putting online data you have collected from the research panel into marketing strategies to improve organization functioning. 

  • Having a personal group of respondents, you can frequently conduct shorter surveys. The members are willing to take part, and you get to determine the reward for participation. It will automatically increase the engagement level.

Do you know?

Stats on internet users using online communities

How Businesses Can Leverage MROCS 

Adding Market Research Online Communities to your strategic plan can speed up your marketing process. You can leverage MROCs for your business to make a direct connection with the audience. Read further to learn about multiple ways to connect with customers.

Better user experience

Customer experience is essential for the success of any product and service. The virtual community works as a tool to provide continuous feedback on user experience, from usage of products to website interaction. Focused conversation and journaling work best as a tool to comprehend customer experience. 

Recognition of need and price determination

Recognizing consumer needs, preferences, and problems is crucial in the market research process when you are planning to launch a product or a service. Through research groups, you can start a poll and ask the members to vote for their preferences. 

It will help you deliver the right product to the audience. After you understand public needs, start utilizing vital insights from the community to determine the price. This information will help you before hitting the market for optimization of profits. 

Idea co-creation


Online communities help in creating ideas in unity, this becomes helpful in crafting specifications for the product as per the consumer’s need. 

This information is indispensable during product development. Plus, such insights also help in designing new products and understanding the pain points of the audience as well.

Examining competitors

Research communities provide a thorough understanding of competitors and direct comparisons with them. The key here, consumers’ perception of your competitors turns out to be different from the business itself trying to position itself in the market successfully. 

Analyzing the purchase process

During the purchase process, engagement with the consumers leads to meaningful insights. The actual transaction might be more nuanced than what you thought. Understanding key points helps you serve the customers in a better way and put the marketing strategy in the right place and the right context.


In the marketing strategy, positioning plays a key role in guidance in the development of products and navigation of marketing efforts. 

If you place your brand in the right position compared to competitors, no one can stop you from successful marketing. Communities help in developing positioning via heat maps, hot spots, and highlighting tools.

Advertisement evaluation

Advertisement evaluation

Testing ads before the launch directly helps in campaign and cost optimization. Note that your online communities supplier has tools that manage mediums such as videos but also execute functions like dial testing. 

Scrutinizing App and Website 

Developing user-friendly Applications and websites becomes a priority for every business in the current digital age. 

By using virtual communities you can get the opportunity to test your websites, mobile applications, and landing pages to check the user experience, visual appearance, and several other factors. 

Promotion analysis

Evaluation of promotion strategies helps in strengthening marketing initiatives by customizing campaigns according to consumer interests. 

Online communities offer an effective way to test promotional ideas early in the process. This will help you further in the future marketing strategies and deliver the product and services to the target audience. 


By using Market Research Online Communities, you can get a grip on consumer opinions and behavior. MROCs are growing at a faster pace and as the world becomes digital, it will continue to grow in the form of blogging, discussions, and others. 

We tried to give you a detailed view of MROCs and how you can leverage your business by incorporating them into your marketing strategies. We hope that this guide will help you!

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