Deepak Dutta

Deepak Dutta

Tech & Social Media Writer


Deepak has been a passionate Technical, Social Media, and Advertising content writer for the past 3 years. Along with this, he is an influencer with an impressive following on social media platforms. He creates write-ups on marketing strategies and guides— for beginners and professionals, marketing content optimization tricks, strategies enhancement tricks, and much more.


He holds a B.Tech Degree in Computer Engineering from Punjab Technical University. Along with this, he is also skilled in content marketing, content strategy, and editing.


  • Marketing guides
  • Social Media Guides
  • Strategies making guides
  • Content optimization tips and tricks
  • Products and services promotion guides


Deepak has almost 3 years of experience as a Technical and Social Media writer. As a result, he has earned expertise and experience in social media marketing, influencer marketing and effectively targeting new audiences. His posts always receive lots of appreciation from the readers.

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