Top 5 Shipping Platforms And Software In eCommerce

| Updated on May 6, 2024
best shipping platforms and software for ecommerce

With the ever-growing success of e-commerce businesses, shipping has also gone through various stages of evolution, such as the development of software and platforms.

Now, shipping platforms and logistics companies utilize the latest technology and shipping APIs to automate the shipping processes. HS codes are also used for safety reasons.

From the order displays, order tracking, and inventory recording to detecting stuck shipments, etc.

Apart from that, these businesses ensure the quality of the product delivered to the customer’s doorstep. They look even into the minute aspects like the time taken to be delivered as well as the condition of the product because it is the critical part of the operations.

All these services are the sole reasons for an eCommerce business to flourish rapidly without investing unnecessarily in staff and storage space. 

Dive further in the article to learn about its concepts as well as the top e-commerce shipping platforms.

Understanding eCommerce Shipping Platforms & Software?

 eCommerce Shipping Platforms

To promote their brands and gain a good reputation, most of the shipping platforms and logistics companies take a helping hand offered by the latest technologies & Application Programming Interfaces (API).

This helps in automating the shipping process and tracking the order manifestation to detect the shipments, making the platforms quite handy.

They also interface with things like DDP shipping for benefitting in the affairs of international trade. But, what is DDP shipping?

It is a shipping agreement wherein the seller takes responsibility and risks associated with the shipment of the product to the customer’s doorstep. The agreement also includes the transportation costs, custom taxes (if applicable), taxes, and fees.

Despite these advantages, numerous retailers are skeptical about the same till about its legitimacy and prices due to the fear of being affected in budgetary terms.

Did You Know?
According to the Global Shipping Software for E-commerce Market, the global Shipping Software for E-commerce market is projected to grow from USD million in 2023 to USD million by 2029!

Top 5 eCommerce Shipping Platforms And Software 

There are several platforms and software to leverage for growing your e-commerce business to become a strong competitor in the market. 

Listed below are the top 5 e-commerce shipping platforms and software:



ClickPost is one of the world’s fastest-growing shipping software and logistic platforms, with operations in over 250 countries. It provides a well-rounded shipping platform that takes care of all e-commerce shipping needs.

From multi-carrier integrations to WMS and order management to returns, it maintains and streamlines order tracking and reduces shipping exceptions. Moreover, you can get ahead of RTOs (Return to Origin) with ClickPost’s NDR Management System, which quickly tackles delivery exceptions.



ShipWell is a shipping platform and software to connect shipping partners better with e-commerce companies.

This platform combines the best features of transport management, carrier visibility, and integrated networks. It also acts as a strategic 4PL for brands in search of outsourcing their logistics operations. 



FedEx eCommerce is a platform that has been designed in a manner that tailors the solutions according to the needs of the businesses and guides them through the realm of digital marketing.

It provides them with streamlined shipping and logistics to cutting-edge technology integration as it empowers them to optimize their online operations. The platform also has advanced tracking and analytics that help provide detailed insights for enhanced customer experiences and efficient operations.



Veeqo is an e-commerce shipping platform and software that is best known for providing products and order management solutions to such businesses.

It blends in with the market realm for kickstarting the selling and purchasing of the products from your shop onto a single platform.



ShipStation is a global e-commerce shipping platform and software program that fulfills the demands in a hassle-free manner for online companies. It has major operations in the following countries: Australia, Europe, and America.

It offers branded tracking to customers and inventory management to online stores, while printing labels for over 500 carriers for real-time delivery updates.

Final Inputs

eCommerce businesses have been flourishing as the years have passed by due to their constant efforts and the utilization of DDP services.

They constantly develop platforms for their clients for their businesses to flourish in every aspect possible.

So, several platforms help serve this purpose well, including Shiprocket, ClickPost, FedEx, ShipStation, MetaPack, Veeqo, EasyShip, and many more.

They offer many options for meeting eCommerce businesses’ diverse needs, ranging from startups to well-established MNCs or businesses. 

Leveraging these tools makes everything convenient for the merchants to streamline their products without actually spending a handful of amount and overall enhancement of customer services.

This is a major win-win situation for these businesses in the competitive eCommerce industry, where the race is never-ending.

By using these platforms, you can expand your eCommerce businesses and enjoy success to the maximum.

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