Accelerate Rapid Business Growth: Top Tech Trends to Look Out in 2024

| Updated on June 28, 2024
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Every business is using some form of digital technology nowadays. In fact, with the introduction of ChatGPT last year, many jobs have already seen rapid advancement. 

Experts predict accelerated progress in the coming years; therefore, staying updated with top tech trends has become necessary. Also, learn about the Industry Insights Trends in this guide.

According to Forbes’s latest report, the total economic value added by AI is projected to reach 15.7 trillion globally by 2030. 

Therefore, upskilling is important, and an experienced business improvement consultant proves valuable for enterprises, to adopt the latest automated tools seamlessly. 

From quantum computing to immersive virtual reality, the use of blockchain, and focus on sustainable tech, this article will inform you of top tech trends to look out for in 2024.

Multimodal Generative AI and Machine Learning

Multimodal Generative AI

A Bloomberg study statistics suggests the demand for generative AI might expand at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 42%.

The reason for the expansion is that many businesses are automating their processes for in-depth analysis to gain relevant insights and modify their marketing strategies. 

From text-to-text generation, innovation is now moving towards multimodal capabilities. It includes synthesizing human faces, composing music, advanced video editing, etc. 

NLP or Natural Language Processing has also improved with tools like GPT66X, which can detect the context between the grammar patterns and produce humanized content.

Quantum Computing

Constant technological progress has also led to the exploration of endless possibilities in quantum computing. 

Since it comprises aspects of physics, computer science, and mathematics, it works faster than any traditional computer. 

This tech is still developing as it faces challenges like maintaining extremely low temperatures for consistent performance. 

It also has a complex structure that requires precise control over qubits and fault tolerance mechanisms. 

Overcoming these hurdles in 2024, it is being utilized in cryptography to secure encryption and save data from hackers. 

Moreover, because this tech is so advanced, the medical research community is using it for drug discovery by simulating molecular structures. 

ProteinQure is a Toronto-based company focusing on determining the molecular simulation of protein behavior by partnering with quantum-computing leaders like IBM and Microsoft. 

Immersive Experience of AR/VR

First started as software for video games, now with AR or Augmented Reality and VR or Virtual Reality the world has reached a new dimension. 

AR & VR Adoption and Forecast from 2020-2027

The graph shows the AR and VR adoption since 2020. The demand for both tools reached 97.7 million in 2023 and is forecasted for further growth till 2027. 

Some examples of how AR and VR are being used in varied industries are as follows: 

  • Online shopping and fashion have reached another level, with brands like Amazon and Gucci, using online trials for clothes before buying. 
  • You can create your humanized Avatar while gaming in a simulated cyber world, improving the gaming experience. 
  • AR and VR headsets are used in the military to understand the geolocation and safe training of weapons. 
  • In the health sector, students can be trained through simulated projections and visually explain how medicine works. 
  • Real-time collaborations are improving the overall productivity in the business workspace. 
  • Navigation has also become easier with integrated display resolutions, motion tracking, and interactive elements. 
  • The educational industry has also transformed, reaching many students in remote areas with a classroom-like experience through VR.
  • Travelers can have a 360-degree tour of a place with the integration of VR. 
  • Also, awareness and promotion of an upcoming movie can be done through AR and VR by bringing the characters to life. 

Increased Demand for Blockchain Technology 

Future of Blockchain Technology

The 2000s is the era of blockchain and trading. With automation, it has picked up accelerated speed, with even a few semi-private organizations also adapting it. 

It is a decentralized medium of data exchange, with no third-party involvement. However, cybersecurity issues will be dealt with strictly in the coming years. 

By utilizing blockchain technology, transactions, and payment tracking became easier, ensuring authentication between parties. 

This facility will especially benefit the supply chain, finance, and management workflows with audit trails of purchase orders. 

Soon to be utilized is BaaS or Blockchain-as-a-Service in cloud services, offering users an opportunity to create digital products using blockchain fundamentals. 

Focus on Sustainable Technology

Types of Sustainable Tech

As technology progresses, innovations to integrate Nature have also increased. This is the result of climate change that has led many companies to think of alternative means of sustainability. 

In the coming years, look for agri-tech and mini-farming methods to yield crops that need more care and water. 

Improved windmills and planning for smart cities with an infusion of terrace gardens are paving the way for a unique infrastructure. 

It also includes environmental monitoring to predict natural disasters, aiding the meteorological department to assist sectors like farming and aviation. 

Businesses are looking forward to improved navigation systems, which will give them the convenience of international trade through sea routes.  

5G Technology

5G technology can easily take up to 1 million device requests at a time, which increases connection density. 

As access to easy and fast communication is improving from 1G to 5G, it’s connecting all sectors seamlessly. 

It includes uninterrupted service but also lower lagging issues, offering increased bandwidth. 

With this emerging innovation, all IoT services like self-driving vehicles, hi-def virtual meetings, and real-time analytics will improve. 

Software companies are collaborating with varied industries to create a unique roadmap to integrate new technology for an upgraded infrastructure.  

Space Tourism

Space Tourism

The first step in the direction of space tourism began in 2001 by an American businessman, Dennis Tito, traveling in the Soyuz-TM32 spacecraft. 

In 2024, it started gaining popularity because of leaders like Elon Musk and Richard Branson. 

Nowadays, frequent billionaires and millionaires love to enter the orbital space. However, before making the payment, the passenger’s health condition should be optimal as per space guidelines. 

This trend is ready to rise higher because of advanced technological integration. It uses in-space propulsion systems, cryogenic fluid management, thermal management, navigation, and landing systems. 

Moreover, it boosts scientific research, increases public awareness, and advancements in space innovations. 


Constant change is the only way forward, and innovative technologies are assisting industries to lead the way through advanced automated services. 

This is the new era of generative AI, Virtual Reality, and blockchain, which is not just limited to one sector but is a global initiative. 

Investment in eco-friendly industrial materials will be in demand in the coming years. As the world becomes more socially aware, it will help with consistent business growth. 

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