Leveraging Tech: 7 Smart Research Strategies for Your Term Paper

| Updated on May 3, 2024
smart research tips for term paper

Term papers are a standard method to check the acumen and research skills of a student. It is a piece of academic writing, composed by students to showcase their knowledge about a specific topic. Term papers typically can be as short as five pages but can reach up to 20 pages as well, falling somewhere in between. 

Writing such papers can be complex and challenging, requiring careful attention to structure, language, and its augmentation. To write an impressive term paper, you require consistent practice, feedback, and motivation. 

By using standard methods you can complete any academic writing, but it is not an effective approach. However, leveraging technology can immensely equip you with useful tools and resources to help you to write custom term paper and avoid any pitfalls. 

In this article, I will tell you about how to leverage tech for term papers by using 7 smart research strategies, so without any further delay, let’s get started.

Use Online Platforms with Specific Keywords

Finding relevant resources can be a challenging task for writing a term paper. By using online platforms, you can find credible data for a given assignment. 

For example: blogs, wikis, or websites to get help, however, remember to use specific keywords while doing research online. This will give accurate results relevant to the given topic. 

Here are some of the best platforms you can use:

Google Scholar

Google Scholar

A one-stop solution for academic research: Google Scholar, helps in finding related works, full documents, and access to scholarly research. 

This platform consists of academic articles, and it ranks them based on authors, location of publication, and citation record. That means you should pick the top results as they are the most reliable sources based on the topic.

Library of Congress

Library of Congress

Among the largest libraries in the world, the Library of Congress is an excellent platform for academic research. Here, you search using specific keywords to get access to digital resources, audio recordings, videos, photographs, and others. 

In addition, it also includes noted music, web archives, legislation, and 3D objects as well. You can find information on any topic from its massive collections. 

Google Books

Google Books

If you are looking for a recently published book or maybe an out-of-print book, Google Book has it all as it consists of over 40 million books. 

All you have to do is to search as per the topic which you are looking for, and it will provide you with relevant matches. After that, download the full text of that book. Remember to check publisher and author information while using Google Books. 

Use of Multimedia Tools

Technology offers a wide range of multimedia tools that you can use for the research part. It can help in enhancing the writing, making the paper more engaging. You can use podcasts, images, videos, or animations to introduce a topic, represent a genre, or showcase a sample.

The following are tools that can immensely enhance writing your term paper:

  • Podcasts: Listen to podcasts to get instructional information, expert interviews, and conversation on a wide variety of subjects, helping in curating data relevant to the writing topic. You can access it on smartphones, tablets, and laptops.
  • Social Media: Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram help in connecting with other students and learning groups, accessing resources, project sharing, and participating in conversations on a variety of subjects. 
  • Applications: Mobile applications can help in many ways such as finding information, tracking progress, skills improvement, and practicing on certain subjects. 
Tips for writing management pro tip

Using Tech for Critical Discourse Analysis (CDA)

An important aspect of any type of writing a term paper is the application of critical discourse analysis (CDA) to study language and its social context. It is a linguistic approach used to analyze the impact of languages on social and political issues, and power relations. 

Many technological tools in identifying and analyzing the strategies used in languages to convey the meaning and ideology of the given topic. 

Tools like Voyant and AntConc, perform text analysis and visualization. They also check the frequency, distribution, and patterns of written words and phrases.

Check Grammar with Online Tools

Another crucial component of writing a term paper is the correct usage of grammar and spelling. By utilizing technology, providing automated tools for you to check errors in your writing and also suggest corrections as well. 

Online tools such as Grammarly, an AI tool, can help in identifying grammar, spelling, and punctuation. It also suggests alternative words and phrases that fit contextually. 

However, it is vital to note that your paper may contain some technical words or phrases that Grammarly might not understand, and it can be flagged as an error. So, always make sure to double-check prompts from Grammarly before making any changes. 

Make Use of Online Resources 

Online resources offer tons of information, inspiration, and guidance on instruction for developing content for your term paper. As you know, academic writings involve a lot of complex words and phrases to make it more appealing. For this purpose, you can use online dictionaries, encyclopedias, and thesauruses to enhance the vocabulary and accuracy of the paper. 

Also, you can even use online examples, templates, and models to illustrate different types of genres, writing, or formats. Plus, online guides and tutorials can help improve your writing skills and knowledge. 


Writing in shorter, focused sessions is more effective. Even dedicating 30 minutes a day can accumulate progress over time.

Plagiarism and Citation

Academic writing involves taking citations from someone else’s work, which can result in plagiarism. This is considered an unethical practice, even if it’s accidental. So, make sure to avoid any consequences beforehand. 

You can use websites such as Turnitin or Copyscape to compare your writing with other sources to detect plagiarism. Also, software such as Zetero or Mendeley aids in collecting, organizing, and citing references in different styles.

Feedback and revision

Taking feedback and making revisions is vital for quality academic writing. Technology can help you with tools, by sharing your work with others to receive comments and recommendations. Google Docs or Dropbox allows you to collaborate with your peers and edit the piece of writing in real-time. 

Moreover, software such as StyleWriter or Hemingway assists in examining the writing style, readability, and tone of the content. These tools help a lot in improving your writing skills and effectiveness. 


Writing a term paper is a complex task that requires you to do thorough research and brainstorming. By leveraging technology, you can use online platforms, utilize multimedia tools, work on critical discourse analysis, and check grammar for accuracy. 

On top of that, you can also make use of online resources, look into plagiarism, and receive feedback for making corrections. In this insight, I gave you comprehensive details on how to employ tech in writing term papers by using 7 smart research strategies. I hope this helps! 

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