5 Must-Buy Pilates Reformer Machines in 2024

| Updated on April 12, 2024
best pilates reformer machines

Are you looking for a good workout routine that combines a range of flexibility, strength, and muscle tone? Pilates may be the answer. At first, it might look a bit intimidating but believe me, it’s much easier to get into.

This method has been around for nearly 100 years. But recently, due to its effectiveness, it has grown in popularity. 

If you’ve taken a Pilates mat class, then you may want to level up your workout with a Pilates reformer machine. That being said, there are multiple factors to consider, the type of resistance system, the size of the machine, and the quality of the materials used.

Overall, the best one must provide consistent resistance, be sturdy or durable, and be the right size for your needs.

To reduce your research work, I am here to introduce you to all 5 Pilates reformer machines, the perfect fit for a new era of inventions in 2024. These have changed to offer more options and better results than ever before. 

Buy Pilates Reformer Machines

AeroPilates Foldable Reformer 4420

The AeroPilates reformer 4420 lends itself to an affordable yet all-in-one home workout package, known for its versatility and space-saving design. Perfectly suitable for those willing to strengthen their entire body, burn calories, and build endurance.

A carefully implemented assortment of performance and comfort-enhancing features makes this Pilates exercise equipment a welcome addition.

Stressed about its size? Do not worry anymore, it features a foldable frame, specifically designed for homes with limited space.

With this, you can easily target the hamstrings, quads, calves, and core. Due to its upgraded pulley system, you can make your arm and leg workouts more enjoyable.

This set even comes with four new workout DVDs i.e., Primer (about the machine, terminology, the benefits of Pilates, and more), Basic (The Basic AeroPilates workout for strength, flexibility, and cardio and Basic Cardio), Stretching (The 15-minute Simple Stretch and the 26-minute Full Body Stretch), and Fat Burning Cardio (Healthy Heart and HIIT workout).

Balanced Body Studio Reformer

Studio Reformer is an iconic Pilates apparatus that sets the standard in comfort and craftsmanship. In the fitness market, this is known as the smoothest, quietest, most versatile machine.

Even so, the world’s most respected Pilates instructors have used and recommended this exceptional fitness machine. 

Having this, you can design your own Reformer, all you have to do is choose Footbar and Springbar Systems and adjust it accordingly. 

It features:

  • Choice of frame heights ranging from 14″, 18″ to 24″.
  • Strata Rock Maple or Strata Artisan Maple.
  • Hand-sanded frame and have a lustrous satin finish.
  • Footplate bracket.
  • Heavy-duty hardware throughout.

Allegro Reformer

From HIIT group reformer classes to challenging home workouts, the Allegro is exceptionally easy to use, precisely why this reformer is a global sensation.

Specifically, this is engineered and built for commercial fitness but is also perfect for home use.

What is it made up of? It uses an 8-wheel suspension system (for smooth or silent ride), and an extra wide padded footbar (can be adjusted to 4 vertical or horizontal positions to accommodate multiple body sizes.

Just like Studio Reformer, you can also choose the frame height. 

Also, it includes built-in wheels to move, TwistLock shoulder rests to adjust or remove, a SoftTouch rope system, a 3-position headrest for comfort, a standing platform ( 5″ x 22″), swivel pulleys, and an anodized aluminum finish.

Foldable Reformer 4420

Those looking to build lean muscle will appreciate this foldable reformed 4420. This can do the job at an affordable price. This all-in-one home workout package is ideal for burning calories, strengthening, and toning the entire body.

Designed with a combination of light and heavy resistance cords (instead of those traditional springs, this system uses cords) and an upgraded pulling system, in addition to four levels of resistance. 

For a cardio rebounder, swap out a padded foot bar included. 

At Home SPX Reformer Bundle

SPX Reformer Bundle is a value-priced Pilates Reformer for your home that comes with full commercial features. From patented rolling carriage to high-performance tension springs, it includes everything you ask for.

Durability and ease of use are proven to be a testament to its quality as well as craftsmanship.

Like any other reformer, it includes a footstrap, padded platform extender, and metal roll-up pole, adaptable to rehabilitation or pre- / post-natal exercises, and built to withstand continuously.

Get the Best Pilates Reformer Machines Now

For the past year, health editors researched the bestselling, most sought-after, and highest-rated Pilates reformer machines. 

After gauging the pros and evaluating thousands of customer reviews or ratings, they narrow down these 5 aforementioned Pilates Reformers. 

You can get pilates reformer machines in Australia or anywhere in the world. So, geographical location is no longer a roadblock. 

With the thought, there is something for everyone, seize the opportunity and achieve your fitness goals. 

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