Top 5 AI Essay Writers: Leading the Way with EssayAI 

| Updated on May 28, 2024
leading ai essay writers

Don’t you wish you had an assistant who does your homework? Or maybe help improve your writing skills? 

Well, AI is making things convenient with people quickly adopting writing applications. They can complete not just essays, but also social media posts, and blogs. 

This is a revolutionary change that saves time as well as brings convenience with efficiency. 

Though many doubt the automation’s accuracy, expert essay writer apps such as EssayAI, enhance overall productivity. 

Do you want to know more about essay writer software? Then read this article which lists the top 5 AI essay writer tools that are built to aid you in crafting a perfect article. 

EssayAI: The Pinnacle of Undetectable AI Essay Writing

AI Essay Writing

One of the issues that most writers are facing nowadays while completing an essay is robotic language. People want an app that writes the essay in a human style. 

Without that, every piece of article simply reads very disconnected even with perfect formatting and flair. 

To counter this issue, the experts at EssayAI have developed advanced software that is customized to your preferences. 

This highlights an independent voice or individual’s unique style of writing that is more human.

Why EssayAI Tops the List

Let’s look at the features of EssayAI and what makes it an efficient writing tool.

  • Undetectable AI Writing: With the use of cutting-edge technology, it is easier to craft high-quality essays that also bypass AI detection tools. 
  • Plagiarism-Free Content: No one likes to read an article that is plagiarised. Therefore, EssayAI generates every piece that is plagiarism-free and perfect for professional writing. 
  • Multi-Language Support: Many non-English speaking students find it difficult to write without grammatical mistakes. For the global audience, this app has multiple language support. 
  • Integrated AI Checker: Security is of paramount importance when using an AI essay writer. Therefore, EssayAI has an integrated Artificial Intelligence checker that notifies of an article getting flagged by AI detectors. 

Collaboration between educational and nonprofit organizations produced the most AI publications between 2010 and 2021.



Another name that is making the waves due to its user-friendly interface is the GeniusWriter app. 

It promises to deliver quality outputs with the help of AI tech. It can write essays as well as Instagram captions, product descriptions, Facebook ads, etc. 

You can select from a range of templates according to your coursework. It also offers options to edit, polish, and publish on your behalf. 



To excel in academics you need in-depth research capability with language proficiency. 

The EssayMaster app resolves this issue with just one click, providing students with drafts crafted by Harvard-educated editors. 

It is easy to compose an essay with this tool that meets the best language standards without worrying about editing work. 

Now, you don’t have to wait for your professor to recheck for references, as this app does a comprehensive search from the online library to produce the best results. 

Even after getting the final draft, you should recheck for editing as a minor change can make a big difference to your essay. 



Your personal brand or your individual style should be reflected in your writing. This is called customization which is provided by the ContentGenius app. 

The tool has numerous AI assistants writing to assist you with blog ideas, landing page copy, story generator, email newsletter, etc. 

It is convenient to use for rephrasing as well which enhances your workflow by delivering quality content. 

Famous Bollywood Director Shekhar Kapur tried an AI writer to compose a story for his next movie and was amazed that within 30 seconds it “conjured up a credible moral dilemma and delivered a cohesive plotline.” 

WriteSmart AI


If you are looking for an essay generator with improved efficiency and versatility, pick WriteSmart AI. 

It can generate a broad range of customized write-ups with options to change style and tone. 

Writing a post becomes a breeze with this tool which is already a favorite among students and professionals alike. 


Essay writing tools are improving consistently to make our work convenient and less burdensome. 

However, when opting for AI writing software, always look for quality content such as that delivered by EssayAI. 

You can simply describe your topic, essay type, number of words, and your preferred language, and it will produce a perfectly written draft. 

Ultimately, the work that impresses people is the one that is human-like with a unique voice. 

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