Unleash the Power of Elementor: Elevate Your Online Store Experience with the Best WordPress Shop Hosting Providers

| Updated on May 15, 2024
experience elementor with the best shop hosting

So, you’ve decided to start your very own online business. 

Well, it’s 2024, and pretty much everyone and their dog is on the internet these days, and opening an online shop is a really smart move, to be honest.

Still, setting up an online store from scratch can be a lot of work and like many beginners in the field, you might have chosen WordPress as a medium for your e-commerce shop.

It is a platform with a ton of flexibility and customization options available so all you need to do is build it to match your brand image.

But if you’re a tech muggle like most of the general populace, designing an e-shop and hosting are things you might not understand.

This is where the power of Elementor comes in.

In this blog post, we will take a look at what Elementor is and how you can use it to design your very own shop.

We will also share some of the very best WordPress shop hosting providers available on the market today.

the Power of Elementor

So, What Exactly is Elementor?

If you’re even a little bit familiar with WordPress, you might have heard of Elementor at least once.

It is a good live page builder in WordPress that lets you create a fully functioning website from scratch.

And that’s not the best part.

Elementor doesn’t need you to be a professional coder to build an e-shop.

With its drag-and-drop features, you can visually drag components and designs to your heart’s content.

Plus, with advanced Woo-Commerce, Shopify, and PayPal integration, you can create a fully functioning e-shop within minutes.

And hey, that’s just scratching the surface of what Elementor can do.

There are tons of more features and integrations in Elementor that can help you make a website of any kind.

But that’s all besides the point.

A good-looking website is of no use if your hosting is not up to par to serve your customers.

You need a good e-commerce hosting plan to make your shop run smoothly.

As of January 2023, Elementor has over 12 million users, which is almost 8% of the world’s internet. It is used to create many types of websites, including blogs, portfolios, agencies, and e-commerce stores. The top industries that use Elementor are business and service websites, online shops, and online portfolios and CVs.

But What Even is eCommerce Hosting?

It is exactly as it sounds.

WordPress eCommerce hosting is a type of web hosting that is designed so that it can meet the demands of a thriving online shop with ease.

You must not mistake or compare it with regular blog hosting.

eCommerce hosting can give you all the bells and whistles of your regular hosting, along with something extra that is built specifically to help online shops.

So, What are the Best WordPress Shop Hosting Providers?

While Elementor will help you create a stunningly awesome online store, you actually need good hosting to make it run smoothly and give your customers the best experience you can offer.

WordPress shop hosting providers will allow you to host your online shop with ease and not worry about it crashing just when your customers are checking something out.

These providers will give you the best bang for your buck for your e-shops.

Here are some of the best WordPress eCommerce hosting providers on the market today:



You might be thinking, Why is Elementor even on this list?

Well, there is a good reason for that.

While it can help you create awesome websites with ease, Elementor is also one of the best online hosting providers for small e-commerce shops that are just starting out.

With plans starting at just $2.99 a month, you can start your store within just a couple of clicks.

The best part is that you do not even need to jump between sites to manage your hosting.

Elementor is beginner-friendly and easy to set up, so starting out with this is a great help.



Next on the list is SiteGround.

It is hands down one of the most popular hosting providers for WordPress websites.

They offer managed WordPress plans that are built for speed, security, and scalability.

So, no matter how big your shop is, you can rest assured that SiteGround will have your back.

It is also one of the most popular choices for hosting online stores that have been built using Elementor or Woo-Commerce.



Bluehost is another top-rated website hosting provider that is even recommended by WordPress.org.

Their eCommerce hosting plans are designed specifically for online stores.

And, with features like one-click installation., automatic updates, and unlimited bandwidth, your shop will run smoothly even if you’re expecting the same level of traffic as that of Amazon.

Bluehost also has a pretty reliable infrastructure with built-in Elementor support so you can build and host your website with minimal effort.

Besides, Bluehost also has some of the best customer support in the industry.



Kinsta is like the Apple of hosting providers.

They are a premium managed WordPress hosting provider that is known for offering high-performance specs with top-notch security.

Their hosting plans usually come with advanced catching, auto-backups, and DDoS protection.

This means that your online store will be fast, secure, and reliable, with little to no downtime.

And, with Kinsta’s optimized hosting environment and Elementor’s freedom to design, you can get the most out of your WordPress shop and give your customers an experience that will make them come back for more.



Lastly, there is Hostinger.

It is like an Android in the world of hosting, very versatile, and has features that can compete with the best of Apple.

While its services are cheap, the level of its services is pretty much on par with that of Kinsta and Bluehost.

Hostinger also provides things like one-click install, auto-updates, and more, but what makes it so popular with people trying to set up online shops is its low price.

With a $2.99 entry price, you can get your website up and running in no time not to mention their 24/7 customer support.

With this provider, you can start simple while you get the hang of things about running a successful e-commerce shop. 

In 2023, eCommerce made up 19.5% of global retail sales. Forecasts suggest that online sales will account for nearly a quarter of global retail sales by 2027.

In 2023, eCommerce made up 19.5% of global retail sales. Forecasts suggest that online sales will account for nearly a quarter of global retail sales by 2027.


Opening an online shop might seem confusing at first, but with WordPress and Elementor, even beginners can build a good-looking and successful e-commerce shop with ease.

But, a good-looking shop is not always fast and reliable if your hosting is bad.

A good eCommerce hosting provider like Elementor, SiteGround, Bluehost, or Kinsta will not only make your e-shop load fast, but they will also make your site a lot more secure and reliable.

Plus, with advanced features like auto-updates, DDoS security, and other features, you can just focus on giving your customers an experience that might make them return customers in the future.

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