Top AI-Powered Alternatives To iMovie In 2024

| Updated on June 10, 2024
ai alternatives to imovie

With the evolution of technology in the digital era, the expectations of the audience can be quite high when it comes to the content quality. 

This is especially the case when it comes to videos, hence it is essential to give it the best shot in order to reach the intended audience. However, it is only possible if you have the right platform that fits the standards of your requirements.

Even though iMovie is one of the platforms that gives users all the tools they need, many people don’t always have access to it. But that does not mean that you have to give up on it, since there are several alternatives for the same.

So are you interested in learning about  apps like iMovie to make the best out of your creativity? Then join us as we explore the top5 alternative apps to iMovie for video editing.

Top 5 Alternative Apps To iMovie For Video Editing 

As mentioned earlier, the process of video editing is quite lengthy and thus, you require platforms that fit as per the requirements. 

So, aside from using iMovie, there are several alternative applications that are being offered online to choose from. However, it can be quite exhausting and confusing for you to actually find the best ones.

But fret not, since we have compiled the top 5 video editing apps that are the perfect substitute candidates for iMovie. They are as follows:



Subscription Fee: Freemium, monthly ($3.34); billed annually

Rating: 4.7 

Movavi Video Editor  is a robust video-editing platform. It is free to use, & allows you to edit videos in the trendiest and most professional ways.

It also offers you beginner-friendly options that can help you combine videos, while also offering professional ones. There are tutorials provided which makes this platform quite easy to use and understand the trends.

Movavi is considered one of the best alternatives to iMovie, since you can add tracks and assemble large video files that only require a few minutes! Apart from that, it also offers:

  • Timeline-based video editing
  • Amazing filters and visual effects
  • Advanced editor kit
  • Ratio adjustment as per each platform’s requirements
  • Title, texts, and transitions
  • Can share the edited product directly from the app

You can also remove the watermarks and access all the features without any worries by subscribing, which is quite pocket-friendly. 

More than 10 million people are using Movavi Clips globally!



Subscription Fee: Freemium, monthly ($16), yearly ($192)

Rating: 4.4 

Known for being listed among one of the most powerful and powerful video editing software, Kapwing has secured its place in the hearts of millions of users.

The founders of this platform aimed to build it for providing the video editors the golden opportunity to openly explore their creativity and ideas for creating a masterpiece. 

Thus, they developed this software to be user-friendly by providing tutorials for several kinds of editing to make them look trendy yet presentable. This platform has several interesting features to offer, these include:

  • Create a video once and repurpose anywhere as desired
  • Supercharge video creation with AI-powered tools
  • Provide word-by-word subtitles in a single click 
  • Edit the videos by editing the text
  • Impactful and ultrafast timeline editing 

Although, you can access the features for free, you can still opt for the subscription to access the unlimited features available (including watermark-free videos).

 Adobe Premiere Pro  

 Adobe Premiere Pro  

Subscription Fee: Yearly ($239.88)

Rating: 4.5

Adobe Premiere Pro is a program that has its own fan base in the industry of video content creation and editing. The professional editors prefer to use this platform for the same due to several factors, which we will discuss below.

With the futuristic vision to increase the standards of the editing skills and tools, this platform’s efficiency and capability has set an example for the other applications. 

This program allows you to deal with major editing and tools, including trimming, chroma key, color correction, animations, and many more advanced options. The main key features of Adobe Premiere Pro are as follows:

  • Advanced options to create 3D effects
  • Trimming and clipping functions
  • High capabilities in animation
  • Editing on the basis of texts to make rough cuts

However, this application requires a monthly license subscription option since this is a professional platform with features that are not available on other platforms. 



Subscription Fee: Monthly ($49-99); billed annually

Rating: 4.3 

As creative as the name is, Biteable is a platform that is known for providing the professional creators with several advanced tools to work with.

With the corporate industry in mind, the developers have designed it in a manner that allows you to make videos related to HR training, marketing, and explainers for the sales & recruitment purposes. 

This is all possible due to the following features:

  • Advanced explainer video templates
  • Collaborative tools
  • Video-to-GIF converter
  • Direct video publishing
  • Text-based video editing

With these features, the corporates can optimize their messages related to communication, educational and entertainment.



Subscription Fee: Freemium, monthly ($29.95), yearly ($39.95), lifetime ($59.95-209.95)


Known for being a handy and powerful app, BeeCut is a simple video editing platform. It is designed for those who are beginners and do not know how to edit videos very well.

This platform is easily accessible for people like them and even has tutorials to guide them through it. Even the latest features and tools for editing are included:

  • Picture-in-picture
  • Transitions 
  • Adjustable video speed
  • Trimming
  • Cutting
  • Titles and Captions
  • Multiple video timeline layers

BeeCut’s user interface is quite engaging and easy to use. The reason behind so many users is the fact it can be accessed by both the device users, Android and iOS.

It can be a little pricey when you opt for the monthly subscription, therefore opting for the yearly subscription is a wiser option. You can get more value out of even opting for the lifetime membership since it’s at a reasonable rate.

Final Words

Editing videos is a fun yet laborious process that involves blending the images and sounds to capture the viewer’s attention.  In this manner, it allows them to emotionally connect and feel as though they are watching a film.

However, such tremendous results can only be achieved by using the best editing platforms, which includes iMovie. 

However, not everyone can access it, so you can try using the top 5 alternatives, Movavi, Kapwing, Adobe Premiere Pro, Biteable, and BeeCut.

By using either of them, you can create one of the best creations of all time and achieve your goals! So what are you waiting for? 

Happy editing!

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