How To Save Photos From Instagram In Bulk Without Extensions?

| Updated on May 6, 2024
save instagram photos in bulk with imaget

Instagram is full of impressive visuals of photos and videos that attract lots of audiences worldwide. They can be modified with in-built app features like text, emojis, songs, etc. 

However, it’s not possible to save IG photos on your mobile which can be frustrating. You cannot share pictures with family and friends without connecting Insta to another app or extension. 

What if we told you that now you can save Instagram photos in bulk without using any extensions?  

Yes, there is an app that is easy to use and offers to save and download photos instantly from Instagram. It’s called the Imaget

If you want to know more about this application and how to use it, then read on and save all your photos today without any hassle in one go.  

What is Imaget?

If you are looking for a super cool app to download any photo or gif in bulk from any browser, use Imaget. 

The automated tool works on any device and the quality of photos remains intact. Creating and organizing your photo album becomes quick with just one click. 

Its impressive interface and customizable filters enhance the complete experience of using this application.  

If you want to secure your Instagram account and do not want anyone to download your posts, you can adjust your privacy settings to allow limited access to your profile. 

Why Choose Imaget Over Extensions? 

Use Imaget to Download Images Easily

Using another app or an extension to download photos is a time-consuming and complex process. Besides, most mobile users look for easier options to save photos to the device. 

Here are some more features of Imaget that make it better than any extension.

Efficient in handling bulk folders and downloads which saves time and effort May have functions to download a limited number of images at a time. 
It’s versatile and compatible with popular social media platforms like Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok, etc. May not be compatible with varied browsers and applications.
Provides control over download settings like quality format, file naming, preference for download location, and more.Quality may be compromised after downloading images. 
The app can be downloaded on the device making it more secure than using any browser extension. Risky to download and install as third-party apps and browsers are more prone to be attacked by viruses. 

Imaget Technical Details

The specifications of the Imaget app are of top quality, keeping in mind that any individual of any age can use it easily. 

Let’s look at its technical details:

Software NameImaget
DeveloperMobee Technology Co., Ltd.
Software Version1.5.0
Last Release Date15 January, 2024
Supported LanguagesEnglish, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Japanese, Chinese.
Supported Operating SystemsMacOS 10.13 or later; Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7
RAMA minimum 2 GB or 4 GB is recommended.
Hard Drive SpaceAt least 200 MB of available space

How To Save Photos From Instagram In Bulk With Imaget?

Now that you know the features and functionality of Imaget, let’s guide you to saving your Instagram photos in bulk using Imaget. 

  • Step 1. Visit the official website of Imaget and click on the download button. You can use the ‘Free Download’ option to try it first or choose the ‘Buy Now’ alternative to opt for a monthly or annual subscription.
    Imaget Website
  • Step 2. Upon opening the Imaget on your computer, use the in-built browser to log in to your Instagram account. 
     Log In to Instagram Account Through Image
  • Step 3. Now, go to the profile from where you want to download photos in bulk. Click on the option ‘Auto Scroll’ for auto-detection and view all photos on the selected profile.
     Click on Auto-Scroll Option to Browse Photos
  • Step 4. The Imaget app has the option to select the photo format, quality, file name, and download location.
    Choose the Format and File Name for Your Photos Folder
  • Step 5. The only thing left to do is to download all photos which you can do by clicking on the option ‘Save all’.

    You can see the download progress and likewise press the pause button or cancel the process accordingly. 

    Click on Save All Option
  • Step 6. After the download is complete you can go to the download location where you have saved the file and access your Instagram photos easily. 
    Access All Photos From the Saved Folde

In this way, you can save all your desired Instagram photos in bulk with just one click and share them with your family and friends. 


The Imaget is the ultimate image downloader with the function of automatically saving photos in bulk without any extension. 

It has a user-friendly interface and features to secure the high quality of the photos and GIFs. You can now save all your pictures on your device and access them whenever you like. 


Ans: The trial version of the application is free to download. Its many features can be accessed with a monthly or annual subscription.

Ans: The application uses robust software that is completely secure to download and install.

Ans: The Imaget app is primarily designed for downloading high-quality photos and downloading videos is not available. 

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