7 Instagram Tools That Will Help Grow Your Followers

| Updated on April 17, 2024
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With more than 2 billion active users, Instagram is the 4th most used social media platform. 

Now more than 71% of US-based companies have turned to the app, due to its high audience engagement. It has been observed that over 500 million stories are posted online every day, which has successfully converted to purchasing deals. 

What started just as a social media platform is now a marketing hub that helps individuals and businesses build networks. This shows that the app is now a global platform for brands to improve their online presence and make their content more engaging.

Are you looking for ways to get Instagram followers? Then, this guide walks you through the 7 Instagram tools that will help you grow your followers.

Importance Of Marketing On Instagram

Importance of marketing on Instagram

One of the primary strengths of Instagram over the rest of the platforms is its visually appealing user interface. 

This approach allows businesses to connect with their potential customers via the designs and aesthetics they are going for. 

In this manner, these businesses grow in the following aspects:

  • Increased Brand Awareness
  • Higher Consumer Engagement
  • Countless Growth Opportunities
  • A Rise In Sales

Research investigations have revealed that at least 72% of users who follow these accounts make purchases from the app due to the visual appeal of the products.

Also, at least 130 million Instagram users scroll through the posts that deal with purchasing products. 

You also even buy Instagram followers using the platform Thunderclap to boost the account’s engagement, which includes views, likes, and following.

Ad revenue stats

Did You Know? 
Oberlo has reported that In-feed ads make up most of the platform’s ad revenue, making the Instagram ad revenue a whopping $50.58 billion!

7 Essential Tools To Boost Your Instagram Followings  

Having a good presence on Instagram does not happen overnight. Several areas call for action when a business aims to increase the consumer base and engagement. 

Some include understanding the dynamics of the app, and managing the content (processes like scheduling and posting) while planning them out to make the content creation effective.

So, the following are the 7 tools that will help you boost your account efficiency:



To excel in the field of visually appealing content creation, one does not have to be a professional graphic designer. Just use Canva and that’s enough.

Famous for its design tools, the platform provides its users with a multitude of templates in the formats desired, which includes Instagram feeds and stories.

The app gives you the freedom to access all the assets that are needed by the designers as well. It is pretty easy to use and is beginner-friendly.



Are you often finding it hard to keep track of your consumer’s behavior? Then you must check out the platform, Iconosquare.

The application not only helps you understand the audience’s behavior but also monitors the performance of your Instagram page.

It features a dashboard that regularly updates itself after analyzing the engagement rates (comments, likes, shares, etc.) which helps in optimizing the content accordingly.

In this manner, you can be provided with the infographics regularly to simplify and provide aid to your feed page.



For your Instagram page to grow, it is important to track the content as well as enhance productivity.

This is where Hootsuite comes into play. It is available for free as well as a premium version; both of them have plenty of options for the users.

It is a powerful social media management tool that has a lot of options like managing multiple profiles, hashtags, interaction, and setting tabs for organizing the account. 

This helps in coordinating the work while keeping a check on the growth of the feed page.



With a lot of consideration for monetizing the relationships between customers and businesses, Kicksta was launched in 2015.

The platform aids in increasing the followers and automating the Instagram page growth without having to turn to bots or fake followers.

Kicksta promotes organic traffic growth with the help of AI while creating customized campaigns to promote the brand.

It also targets the keywords and hashtags for reaching out to the audience. This ensures the success of your marketing efforts.



Using hashtags usually helps in reaching out to the right set of audiences. But just randomly adding them won’t do the job.

You have to study the market and analyze the market to understand which hashtags will help you reach a greater height. This is where hashtags for likes come into play.

It provides you with insights into the hashtag performance indicators, which helps in tracking how effective the usages of certain hashtags have been for your page.



Keeping the visual focus as the primary aspect is crucial to becoming a hit on this platform.

Later, being a powerful social network management tool, allows you to schedule the posts along with tagging the users and their places.

What makes this application unique is its ability to keep tabs on the hashtags along with statistical information associated with them & tags that resonate with your marketing campaign.

This makes it easier for the users to purchase from the desired pages.



One of the major reasons for not having a visible growth of the page is the lack of consistency. 

In such cases, using the app Buffer can help maintain the continuity of posting the content.

This application is an all-around social media platform management tool that helps in the growth of your Instagram page.

Buffer allows you to schedule your posts and post the desired content while engaging with potential customers.

 Final Remarks

The accounts do not blow overnight, they need thorough planning to enhance the quality of content.

Especially in the competitive realm of the social media platform, Instagram, utilizing tools like Canva, Iconosquare, Hootsuite, Later, Buffer, Hastagsforlikes, and Kicksta among other applications helps.

It helps in creating brand awareness, boosting sales, increasing the consumer base, and also provides several potential expansion possibilities.

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