Pros and Cons of the Apple Watch | Is the Apple Watch Worth Your Money?

| Updated on January 24, 2024
apple watch
Apple Watch

Apple Watches are undoubtedly the most efficient smartwatches out there. From sleek looks to simple integration, they have everything that one could ask for. Millions of people prefer the Apple Watch over other digital watches, but is the iOS watch ideal for everyone? 

Apple Watches are difficult to pair with Android devices, which makes people wonder, ‘Is the Apple Watch one-size-fits-all?’. If you are also struggling with the dilemma of whether to buy an iOS Watch, the pros and cons of Apple Watch mentioned here will surely help you make the right decision, so read on!

Quick Sneak Peek Into Pros and Cons of Apple Watch

Apple watches are fully loaded with amazing features and are specifically designed for iOS devices. The tech giant claims its watches to be ‘The Ultimate Device for a Healthy Life.’  So let’s see how true these claims are by assessing the Apple Watch pros and limitations. 

Strengths Limitations
1. Easily track your daily fitness goals.1. The flashlight is quite dim.
2. You can get quick access to texts and calls.2. Sometimes the touchscreen doesn’t respond.
3. It’s water-resistant and has an impressive build.3. Needs to be charged every 24 hours.
4. Can operate on the cellular network.4. Though Apple claims its watches to be water-resistant, they hardly survive splashes.
5. Seamlessly integrates with the iOS ecosystem.5. Average looks.
6. Facilitates online payments.6. Not compatible with Android devices.
7. Equipped with health, fitness, and emergency safety features.7. Very high-priced.
8. Quick timers facilitate keeping track of the workout sessions.
9. Loaded with features so you don’t have to use your phone frequently.
10. Keep track of your heart health.

Indeed, the Apple Watch is easy to operate, but like AirTags, it also has limited functionality with Android devices, which makes people sceptical about it. So in case you also doubt whether to invest in an iOS watch, you should definitely read the detailed analysis of these pros and cons of Apple Watch in the subsequent section.

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Apple Watch Pros

After analysing and assessing multiple Apple watches, we have shortlisted the following advantages of iOS watches. 

  1. Tracks Daily Goals – The majority of us easily lose track of our goals, especially those related to health and fitness. In that case, the iOS Watch is a handy gadget to track your fitness and workout goals. It will update you on your daily calorie intake and burn, count your steps, and motivate you to achieve your goals throughout the day. 
  2. Helps Reduce Phone Addiction – One of the greatest pros of the Apple Watch is that it helps you reduce your mobile screen time. This digital watch is perfectly synced with iOS devices. Hence, you don’t need to grab your phone to schedule a text message, make calls, or access notifications. 
  3. Impressive Build – Apple has definitely come up with a classic design and strong build for its watches. With interchangeable straps and cases, you get multiple designs and various band colour choices that define your style.
  4. Loaded With Multiple Apps – The iOS watch is loaded with several functional apps and is easy to carry around as compared to a phone. You can access your inbox, messaging apps, online payments, calls, and much more directly through your watch. It even has a flashlight to help you in the dark. 
  5. It’s Water-Resistant – You don’t need to remove your watch while doing dishes and other water-related tasks. No matter how wet your hands are, the strong build and water-resistant technology won’t let a single water droplet get into the watch. 
  6. Operates on Cellular Network – You don’t need to carry your iPhone everywhere because the iOS watches work on cellular networks. Yes, the Apple watches have their own connection with the cellular network, which means that you can make calls and text messages even without your iPhone. This facility is available in Apple Watch Series 9, Apple Watch SE, and Apple Watch Ultra 2 cellular models
  7. Quick Timers – Apple has made workout sessions less painful by introducing quick timers to its watch. You don’t need to struggle with turning on and off the timer while doing a plank because your watch will automatically do it for you. 
  8. Seamlessly Integrates With Apple Ecosystem – These watches are specifically designed for iOS devices. They are strongly integrated with the Find My Phone Network, so losing your watch won’t be a problem as you can find it through your iPhone.
  9. Facilitates Payments – The iOS watch has Apple Pay to facilitate online transactions even without a phone. So in case your iPhone runs out of battery while making an important purchase, don’t worry; your watch has you covered.
  10. Equipped With Health, Fitness, And Emergency Safety Features – The high-tech Apple Watch Series 4 and later have several health features that include an ECG app to keep track of your heart health. Furthermore, the fall detection and rhythm notification in the watch will immediately notify you of your irregular breathing patterns. 

Undoubtedly, Apple Watch has a combination of some of the best fitness apps. However, before directly jumping to the conclusion that yes, they are the ultimate fitness tracking devices, we must take a look at the limitations of these watches. 

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Apple Watch Cons

The Apple Watch is near perfection, but similar to AirPods, it has restricted functions when used with Android devices. Apart from this, there are some other limitations of using the iOS watch, which are as follows: –

  1. Dim Flashlight – Indeed, these high-tech watches have a flashlight, but it’s so dim that it won’t even light up the one foot in front of you. If you just need to do something for like two minutes in a dark room, it will surely help, but it won’t work as a torch. 
  2. Touchscreen Gets Insensitive – Sometimes the screen of the watch stops responding for no reason. In such cases, you will need to reset your watch. Additionally, the iOS watch won’t be able to meet the pace of your workout session while keeping a record of your calorie burn, which can be annoying for some of you. 
  3. Need Constant Charging – You may be disappointed by the overall battery life of these watches if you prefer wearing them the whole day. Almost all Apple watches need to be charged within 20 hours, which is a short battery life expectancy for a digital watch. 
  4. Hardly Survives Splashes – Though Apple claims its watches to be water-resistant, in reality, the watches of the 0 and 1 series hardly survive splashes. Your watch is more likely to get foggy if you constantly engage in washing dishes or other water-related tasks. 
  5. Looks Need to be Improved – Apple definitely has the most stylish digital watches, but they aren’t as classy as the original watches. The customized screen options and colorful bands of iOS watches cannot beat the charm of the classic black screen of original watches. 
  6. Stuck in the Apple Ecosystem – The Apple Watch locks you in the Apple ecosystem. No doubt, you can receive calls, reply to texts, and make payments without an iPhone, but initially, you’ll need an iPhone to set up an iOS watch, sync to the cloud, connect with Apple Pay, and more.
  7. Wildly Expensive – One of the biggest Apple Watch cons is that they are pretty costly. There are other smartwatches on the market that work identically to an iOS watch and have similar efficiency, but at a much cheaper price. So yes, buying an Apple Watch can burn a hole in your pocket.
  8. Monthly Payment Required – If you are planning to use these iOS watches independent of the iPhone, you’ll need to pay a $10 monthly fee to the cellular carrier network (USA). 

An Apple Watch is a hefty investment, so it’s important to consider multiple things before making such a big investment. If you are planning to buy an iOS watch, you should consider the points mentioned in the subsequent section before making a move.

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What to Consider Before Investing in Apple Watches? 

Here are some things that you must consider before buying an Apple Watch! 

  1. Fitness Goals – The tech giant has successfully created one of the most fitness-friendly watches to exist. Though these watches aren’t the ultimate wellness tracking app, they can help you bring lifestyle changes and track your daily, weekly, and monthly fitness goals. 
  2. Budget – There’s no doubt these watches are overpriced. Even a basic Apple Watch Series 7 will cost $399, so if you think this watch is over your budget, don’t push your limits. Many other smartwatch brands offer similar functionality and efficiency at a more affordable price. 
  3. Lifestyle – These watches make a great choice for people who are super busy and need to keep track of their time. 

Doing some research from your end before buying the watch will help you utilise it to its optimum functionality.  

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Pros and Cons of Apple Watch – Is the Apple Watch Worth the Penny?

There’s no doubt that the Apple Watch is insanely expensive, but they are worth purchasing if it fits into your budget. These watches are best for – 

  • Fitness freaks who consciously keep track of their fitness goals. 
  • This watch is a no-brainer choice for people with busy lifestyles.
  • People who prefer micromanaging their day can consider investing in this watch. 
  • Students can use this watch to track their timetable and avoid distractions while studying. 
  • It’s ideal for people who want to keep track of their heart health. 
  • People who want to minimize the usage of phones can also invest in the iOS watch. 

After analyzing the pros and cons of the Apple Watch, it’s clear that using this watch is definitely going to add some value to your lifestyle. The features of the iOS watch are evidently greater than its limitations. You can consider buying this watch if you are confident that its cons won’t be a problem for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ans: If you have an iPhone and want a premium smartwatch experience, the Apple Watch is worth purchasing for you. However, it may not be a good purchase for Android users due to limited functionality.

Ans: Apple Watches are best for keeping track of your fitness and performing basic tasks like receiving calls, answering texts, making payments, etc.

Ans: No, you are not required to pay any monthly or annual charge as long as you have your iPhone. However, you’ll need to pay the $10 monthly fee if you want to use your iOS watch independently without the phone.


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