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| Updated on January 4, 2024
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Kaiser Permanente – Elaborated 

Since the pandemic has taken over healthcare functionalities, companies are now realizing the significance of digital formats. The evolution of KP (Kaiser Permanente) on July 21, 1945, headquartered in Oakland, California, is committed to catering to the experiences of both patients and employees. They are one of the known and largest not-for-profit healthcare providers.

When social unrest was at its peak, their founders, Henry J. Kaiser and Sidney R. Garfield, defined their dedication to communities. They revolutionize Americans’ way of understanding healthcare and wellness. This is achieved by integrating evidence from scientific research and the latest technology.

Later, when operational presence is spreading widely, the company marked 39 hospitals, 700 medical offices, and 12.4 million members. Also, 23656 physicians, 217,277 employees, and 65009 nurses are employed as marked on 31 December 2021. They are offering their services in eight states and the District of Columbia. 

This is all you have to know about Kaiser Permanente. Back to my KP hr login, let’s proceed ahead with the login requirements.

What is My KP HR Login? – Its Integration With Oracle Fusion Cloud HRM 

Oracle Fusion Cloud HRM 

This login portal is a gateway or web-based tool supporting transparency between employees and HR representatives. Usually, these sorts of online portals ensure work processes go smoother and remain easier to manage. Online portals for employees bring several features on board. These features are carried out due to evolving technologies. 

KP owns several departments. Likewise, their activities are threaded. Considering this, the company integrated the activities of their departments with Oracle Cloud services. The integrated solution will add value-added functions and maintain all the related electronic records on their cloud platforms.  

Long story short, the adoption of such technologies leads one to accept a data warehouse and data recovery system. Furthermore, the companies could often get analytics for business planning, and member insight. Additionally, it eases complex work schedules, manages payroll, and even empowers employee training programs.

Cloud adapts HR-related factors in its HCM (Human Capital Management) system and enables Permanente to address employee-related concerns. This is achieved in a planned and cohesive manner.

Requirements for Logging In

Okay! So, we are assuming, you are aware of the fact that before taking further steps in the login process, one needs to meet several requirements to go with the flow. These are somehow mandatory to meet and are suggested to keep them in mind. Figure out login requirements from the pointers noted below:

  • One must be a registered Kaiser employee to access its digital or online portal. If that’s not the case with you, make sure to complete the necessary official formalities to get registered; otherwise, you won’t access the portal. 
  • Valid My HR Permanente login credentials i.e., user ID and password.
  • One must own a valid email address or ID.
  • And lastly, SSN which is your Social Security Number.
  • A device like a laptop, computer, tablet, etc. with a stable internet connection.

How to Register My HR Kaiser Portal?

It’s a reminder call for those who do not have a My HR Kaiser Permanente employee account yet. It’s high time to get yourself registered. Although, we have your back, follow the steps mentioned below and get yourself registered: 

Step 1: Your first step could be landing on Kaiser Permanente’s official website for employees i.e., hrconnect.kp. There, locate the register button from the upper-right corner.

KP hr login portal 
 Step 2: Click on the “create my account” option.
options to choose from
Step 3: On the next page, select where you are residing, input your MRN number, first name, last name, DOB, and smash the “Continue” option.
field for necessary inputs
Step 4: This completes the process, now you will be directed to your account dashboard.

My HR KP Login at hrconnect.kp.org

After your successful registration, go ahead with the login process which is as follows: 

Step 1: Reach out to my hr kp official website from your browser and hit on the “Sign On” button.

the user interface of my hr kp official website
Step 2: Start signing on by entering credentials labeled as “National User ID” and “Password”. Once done, simply just smash the “Sign-on” option.
Kaiser Permanente login page

That was it for login steps. The steps were quite simple and straightforward, right? With this let’s move on to what happens when you forget your credentials and what necessary measures you can take to pull yourself out of the situation. 

Forgot Password?

The issue of forgotten passwords is becoming a dime a dozen, especially in such online HR portals like KP HR and MyHR Connection. This is because, nowadays, people own access to various sites. Whereas each site mandate credentials. Due to this people carry the baggage of several unique credentials. Sometimes, it’s hard to recall all of them. This acts as a major reason behind this issue. 

But, let’s appreciate the revolutionization of the internet and emerging technologies. Fortunately, this generation is lucky to encounter such possibilities. You can even change your “User ID” as well at some sites including my hr kp official website. Find out how:

Actions to recover forgotten national used ID:

Step 1: Visit hrconnect.kp, there click on the “Sign on” button.

Step 2: On the next directed page, hit on the “Forgot NUID” link.

Kaiser Permanente login page1

Step 3: On the recovery page, input your “First Name”, “Last Name”, and “DOB” in the appropriate fields and click “Continue”.

recovery page

Step 4: After verification of your identity, you will receive an email from the web portal that contains your recovered “NUID”

Actions to recover the forgotten password:

The steps are similar to the aforementioned steps mentioned for forgotten national user ID. See how: 

Step 1: Visit hrconnect.kp, there click on the “Sign on” button.

Step 2: On the next directed page, hit on the “Forgot Password” link.

Kaiser Permanente login page2

Step 3: On the recovery page, input your “national used ID”, and “DOB” in the appropriate fields and click “Continue”.

 recovery page1

Step 4: After verification of your identity, you will receive an email from the web portal that contains the “reset password link”

Step 5: Now, click on that link to continue recovering your password. Create a new password and you are done.

Kaiser Contact Information

In case you feel like you are going through a tough time and developing a feeling like you are on shaky grounds while accessing your account, Kaiser Permanente’s doors are always open for those who are seeking to crack the tough nut. 

You can connect with their customer support at any time and from anywhere to come across potential solutions. If so, ring a bell on the provided numbers below:

Numbers Language 

Kaiser Permanente –  Health Plans

Pull together your attention and note this –  Kaiser Permanente’s health plan differs with benefits/features provided by the policy that too from state to state. To support the statement, a few instances of country-wise plans are as follows:

  • Northern California KEMHP is inclusive of the basic plan, mid-plan, & high plan.
  • Southern California KEMHP is inclusive of the basic plan, mid-plan, & high plan.
  • Supplemental Medical Plan.
  • Preferred Provider Organization Plus Plan.

The states wherein health plans are drawn district-wise are cal-COBRA, California, and Colorado. Moreover, they also have plans for Georgia, Hawaii, Interns, Mid-Atlantic States, Northwest, and out-of-service areas. 

In a course, a summary of benefits & coverage documented the differentiation between the covered healthcare services and benefits of employees and patients with specific features. 

To remain transparent, the plan seekers can compare others with KP’s plan before making decisions and prevent unwanted purchases. 

Why Does My HR Kaiser Permanente Employee Need to be on Online Portal?

This question is the most debated one, “why do I need an online account?” every employee asks this question before going through the registration process. To resolve your query, we would support the answer with its benefits. These are:

  • Employees can eye on their daily work schedules.
  • By accessing their online dashboard, they can obtain medical, mental, vision, and dental care.
  • More often, employees can keep a tab on their pay stubs.
  • KP carer for you, benefit yourself with disability coverage and life insurance coverage from them.
  • Get to know all the payroll-related information or other relevant details. 
  • The online dashboard opens the door for numerous benefit programs, employee wellness, and assistance programs.
  • Encounter work-from-home opportunities and easygoing work timings.
  • Employees who are students too can acquire tuition reimbursement and educational opportunities to thrive in their respective fields. 
  • Seek all the related employment details in one place. 
  • Comprehend retirement plans.
  • No need to put much thought into leaves as you will get a generous holiday, vacation, and sick leaves.


That is it for my KP HR login. All-in-all, Kaiser Permanente’s HR login portal provides its employees with a unique dashboard that will aid them with several health benefits and features exclusively. Even though we have answered your query about why is it important for you to have an online account there?

However, this article highlights the actions to be taken to perform the login  process and measures to regain access to the forgotten password.

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