Are You Worried About Hyperlinks Not Working in PDF?

| Updated on November 7, 2023
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PDF format is widely known for composing and reading documents from around the world. It has standardized computer reading, formats, and technology. Moreover, docs have also improved docs interaction. One of the elements of PDF documents is hyperlinks.

They add authority to the text. It is an essential feature that can connect one doc to the other. Therefore, not working in PDF can ruin the authority. The article explains why they may not work and solutions to fix them.

What is a Hyperlink?

Hyperlinks are a source of linking one document to another. On webpages, you’ll see them generally in blue or purple color or even underlined. These links are clickable and navigate the source to another page.

They can appear in many forms like texts, images, URLs, and controls (for example, a button or arrow). Anchor text is another example of a hyperlink. They are usually presented in plain text and are very important for search engine optimization purposes. 

Importance of Hyperlinks

The entire world of digital technology works relies on it. They make research, information collection, etc., easier. Read and learn about some of the benefits of hyperlinks.

  1. Boost Page Views – Search engine rewards the pages that have high user engagement. The more time people will spend on your site, the more credible your page will become. Hyperlinks can be best used here as a source of navigation for the viewers. 

    Anything on your page relevant to the other page can be linked and used as a navigator to your site. When the users will jump from one network to another on your page, the traffic and engagement will automatically increase.

  1. Reliability – When you put source links of your study on your website, the credibility of your content increases, and the reader finds your study more reliable. This gives a feeling of thorough research done by your site for your content and gives the satisfaction of accurate facts and figures. 
  1. Improves SEO – Search engine optimization is a way to rank higher on search engines, when they are added to the anchor text, they generate backlinks. Google rewards the efforts of relevant references.
  1. Call to Action – Words like click now, click here, give a try, subscribe here, check out this, and when hyperlinked, the chances of conversion rates increase. Hyperlinking to action words can make a significant impact on your site. 

These were a few benefits of using it on your websites. If they are not working in your documents, read further and know the reasons. 

Reasons for Hyperlinks Not Working in PDF

They improve the quality of documents significantly. So, it makes users complain about the hyperlinks when they cannot establish the chain of files. It can delay productivity because of the following reasons:

Invalid URL

Hyperlinks in PDFs may not open because of invalid URLs. There are numerous reasons why they are inactive. However, the most common is the placement of incorrect URLs. That’s why users are always advised to check the URL, to avoid the misplacement of addresses and problems in accessing the source. 

Pay a Close Eye to the URL

Technical reasons for it not working in files also includes miswriting. The address does not contain http:// or http://. Hyper Text Transfer Protocol or HTTP given at the beginning of the web addresses implies that the site is secure and won’t harm your system. 

Check the Connection

Is your computer connected to the internet? Sometimes, the most basic cause is overlooked. When a hyperlink in a PDF doc is not opening, a disconnected server can also be the reason. The link will open in the browser with a blank page. Therefore, check your connection.

PDF has the Wrong Settings

This can also happen because of the wrong settings. If a user converts a document into PDF format using iTop PDF, the links may not work. Go to the Preferences, then select General. Activate the option before converting for accurate results. Otherwise, you will need to place them manually, which can take a long time.

Using Different Devices

Hyperlinks may not work in a document because the software does not identify links automatically. While some links can work on some devices, they can’t work on others. A common example of incompatibility is Mac Preview on Mac and Adobe Reader on Android.

The Bottom Line

A competent PDF Editor is life-changing. It will convert files easily and make the best use of time too. Unfortunately, with so many options, users are easily confused. They prefer a tool with powerful editing features that will convert high-quality documents.

The tool will protect user information from your service provider and other third parties. The documents remain safe as their privacy is not disturbed. Ins Followers is fast, secure, and reliable. Download it today, or try the demo version. Visit the official website for more details about the product. 

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