How to Delete or Remove Messages on Mac or MacBook- [6 Quick Ways]

| Updated on January 4, 2024

Need help finding messages of interest on your Mac? Or want to know how to delete all messages on Mac? It’s true that these processes might be very tiring, but some crisp approaches can make the journey easier. 

The messages app or the iMessage system of Apple with iCloud simplifies synchronizing texts across all devices. So whenever you wish to switch to another device, you can begin from where you left off. With its advanced and secure technology, you can check the clipboard history, easily update Safari, or remove any conversation of your choice. 

But you must consider a few things before moving on to dismissing any message on Mac significantly when you have activated iCloud and want to declutter your inbox. Here’s what you should know: 

  • When you remove a message from a single device, it gets automatically dismissed from other devices if they are connected.
  • To turn off the synchronization option, jump to Messages > Settings > iCloud. This will help you to keep a backup of your data. 
  • If you disable iCloud messaging, your future messages won’t be synced with other devices.
  • You can also decide to activate the automated disappearing messages to instantaneously remove your texts after a certain duration. 

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How to Remove Messages on Mac?

It sounds very tiresome to find a specific message on your device. Sometimes, it may require removing the insignificant conversations. Hence, there are considerable techniques to organize your messaging application and dismiss the conversations you no longer require.  

Macbook conversation from iMessage

How to Delete Messages on MacBook? 

One of the simplest approaches how to delete iMessage on Mac is illustrated here: 

  • Begin by opening the Messages app.
  • Either right-click or control-click on the chat you want to dismiss.
  • Press delete
  • Confirm your decision. 

Else, chose the “Delete conversation” feature to dismiss the conversation no longer needed. Here’s how to delete messages on Mac: 

  • Jump to the chat you want to remove. 
  • From the Conversation Menu, tap Delete Conversation
  • Confirm your decision by taping to Confirm and Delete

How to Delete Single Messages on Mac or MacBook?

Dismiss single chats

Do you need to keep your messages private? Well, iMessage has the option to clear single messages from your MacBook as well. You can promptly select to dismiss the desired conversation from the list from the panel on the left hand. Here’s how to delete all messages on Mac: 

  • Right-click on the desired message you wish to dismiss from the conversation. 
  • Press command + Click combination after locating the chat you want to remove. 
  • After this, swiftly swipe “From left to the right” to the trash icon to clear it.
  • Confirm your decision to complete the process successfully. 

So now you can remove any chat you think is no longer required…. 

How to Delete Multiple Messages on Mac?

Clear multiple conversations on Mac

Although, clearing out a single chat is easy, it’s tough when the user wants to remove multiple texts at the same time. As this will assist to conceal all the crucial discussions. In such situations, following a chore repeatedly becomes very annoying. Here is the method to discard messages easily: 

  • Firstly, start by clicking on the discussion you want to get rid of. 
  • From the Apple menu bar, remove the conversation by selecting that file. 

You can easily discard these multiple texts which you don’t want in your inbox anymore…..

How to Delete All iMessages on Mac? 

Are you looking for the shortest and most straightforward answer for how to delete all messages on Mac? Here are the fastest and simplest ways to clear them all: 

  • Navigate to Messages >> Preferences >> iMessages
Navigate to iMessages from Messages through Preferences
  • Now sign out of the iMessage and quit the application. 
  • Press Command + Shift + G. Or choose “Go” from the Menu bar. 
Press Command shift G
  • Jump to ~/ Library/Messages and hit Go
go to Library Messages
  • Also, clear other folders and attachments on the device: 

i.) chat.db

ii.) chat.db-shm

iii.) chat.db-wal

  • Now Restart your Mac. 

By the end of this process, you will notice the conversations are cleared…..

How to Delete Text Messages on Mac Automatically?

Clean texts after a desired time frame

Interested in saving some device space? This feature of auto-deletion of texts would help you to achieve that. You can customize your preferences and discard the conversation by pre-defining a period. Hence, you don’t need to clean them manually. 

However, this is also an effective method to preserve your critical conversations and get rid of unwanted chats cluttering your inbox. Setting up these will properly organize your inbox. 

Do implement the instructions discussed below to clear your conversations: 

  • Launch your app.
  • From the navigation bar on Mac, select Messages
  • Tap to choose “Preferences.”
  • Check under the general tab, and click on the “Keep messages.”
  • Choose your preferences, such as 30 days, one year, or forever. 

Well, you can enjoy organizing your message cleaning preferences, thus saving a lot of time and effort. 

How to Clear Messages on Mac Without Deleting Them From iPhone Easily?

Apple offers an excellent tool that is iCloud to its users. They can utilize the benefits of keeping their chats up-to-date on every device connected to one common Apple ID. Also, dismiss any of them by doing an action at one location; that saves time and effort.

In case you want to clear some conversations from your device but wish to keep things unchanged on your iPhone, iCloud can assist you with it. 

Start your journey by disabling iCloud first, otherwise, it might lead to trouble. Now follow the steps illustrated here: 

Uncheck Enable Messages in iCloud
  • Jump to ‘Messages.’
  • Tap the ‘Messages Menu’ and tap ‘Settings.’
  • Now click on the ‘iMessage.’
  • Then, deselect the box beside ‘Enable messages in iCloud.’
  •  Now, Quit “Settings.”

Now whatever chats you will discard from your inbox won’t be removed from other devices. But along with this, you must remember that you won’t receive any conversation threads on Mac after doing this. 

Note: If you leave iCloud enabled, all the chats you remove from one device will be automatically discarded from other devices too, that are connected to iCloud. 

Wasn’t that super-easy? You can save more room by dismissing the attachments too! Let’s find out how. 

How Can I Remove Attachments in Messages?

Delete attachment on Mac

These methods discussed will eliminate unwanted attachments from your device. Implement these steps to get it done. 

  • Hop into the “Folder box.
  • Paste this path of the file [‘ ~Library/Messages/Attachments’]

For instance, if you have any recent version of macOS, then execute these steps discussed here: 

  • Hit the Apple Menu.
  • Navigate to ‘About this Mac.’
  • Tap on the “more info.” option. 
  • Now, hit “Storage Settings.”
  • Discover the desired messages on the list
  • Then tap on the “i” button. 
  • The main window has a list of all the attachments that will be displayed. 
  • If you want to remove all of them, then select the first one and drag till the last. 
  • Or, select the first one; Press “Command A” to select all. 
  • Press “Delete.

Tip: “You can select what to preserve and what does not. Select “Size” on the top and customize the process further to eliminate bigger files. ” 

Well, you must have noticed discarding the attachments has enhanced your device’s functionality too……

How to Disable iMessage?

Disable iMessage from iPhone

You can permanently remove the messages by disabling the iMessage from your iPhone. Follow up on the steps that are described here for disabling this from your device. 

Step-1 Launch the “Settings” application from your device. 

Step-2 Continue to scroll down till you spot the Messages.

Step-3 Hit the Toggle-off option beside the iMessage. 

Note: It may take a few seconds to disable the iMessage, don’t hit the option repeatedly. Additionally, in case you are changing your device, you need to de-register yourself from iMessage by visiting this page

Wrapping Up

Apple messages certainly are a fantastic tool. It offers excellent assistance to stay connected to your friends, family, and close ones as it easily syncs all the texts and attachments over all the connected devices. However, this feature could either be a blessing or a curse. It is because it consumes a lot of space. 

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It is easier to synchronize both devices so that you won’t miss any crucial inbox messages on Mac. Follow the instructions explained below:  

  • Hop on to “Messages” from “Settings.”
  • Hit on “Text messaging forwarding.”
  • Tap “Mac” from the list of devices present.  
  • You will receive a 6-digit activation code if you have disabled your two-factor authentication. 
  • Enter your iPhone’s code and press “Allow.”

Ans: Of course! Your communication will be automatically updated if your iCloud communication is enabled. 

Follow the steps described below: 

  • Tap “Messages” from “Settings” using your iPhone. 
  • Hit “iMessage” and navigate to “Settings.”
  • Click on “Sync Now.”

It will promptly implement the newest modifications. 

Ans: Yes! Firstly, do make sure that you use the same Apple ID on your Mac that is connected to iCloud. This will sync all your SMS text or iMessage along with their images and other attachments. 

Ans:Yes, the Terminal offers an easy route to dismiss texts. Here’s the method to do it. 

  • Navigate to “Applications” and then to “Utilities” and Open “Terminal.”
  • Paste the command- [ ‘ rm- r ~/Library/Messages/chat ’ ]
  • Eradicate your conversations from lists by using this command- [ ‘ rm- r ~/Library/Messages/Attachment/?? ’ ]
  • This will eliminate the conversation without clearing out the trash forever. 


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