How To Exploit The Benefits Of Parental Controls For Kids Online

| Updated on May 29, 2024
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With digitalization ongoing, there are several vulnerabilities people can be exposed to, especially when it comes to children.

Despite, the Internet now being a vital part of our daily activities, it is the responsibility of you as a parent to keep tabs on what your kid is up to.

You can keep tabs on them through the utilization of the software tools called Parental Controls which helps you access, monitor and restrict

In this way, you can prevent your children from being exposed to unwanted content and risks like cyberbullying.

Want to learn further about the same? Then join me as I embark on the journey of understanding the parental controls and their benefits.  

Understanding Parental Controls

Understanding Parental Controls

With the rise of inappropriate content being posted and risks on online platforms, it is natural for parents to be worried about their young ones’ safety.

However, it can be difficult for you as a parent to reason out with them ‘why’ certain applications either shouldn’t be used or used for a fixed time.

This is where parental controls come into the scene. They are software tools that allow you as a parent to monitor and supervise the activity of your child.

So, in this manner, you can now access and limit what they see online by blocking websites, apps, or functions from being used. 

You could track using the device’s camera, search history, visit the websites, etc., and take action accordingly.

Therefore, it gives the parents the access that allows them to:

  • Block sites that are either inappropriate or involve risk
  • Set time limits to prevent their children from being addicted to their phones
  • Monitor the activity of their child’s device
  • Filter out the unwanted content to block access (like adult or violent content)

Setting Up Parental Controls

Setting Up Parental Controls

To set up the parental controls, it is first important to learn and explore the tools and services available on our devices. 

This helps you know about their functions and learn about the controls to access the desired things on your child’s phones, tablets, or laptops. 

Several operating systems provide you with parental control options since it is built into their systems. They are as follows:

  • Windows
  • Android
  • macOS
  • iOS 

They can be adjusted according to your requirements and concerns. There are various internet providers as well, who provide you with the settings that allow the parents to control what the child watches over the home network.

But how to set the parent controls on their devices? Follow these steps for the same:

  1. Select the smartphone from the dropdown list of the software
  2. Then pick the network provider
  3. You can then access the desired apps or platforms

And there you go! You have successfully been able to access your child’s device. Now, it will be easier to supervise them.

Screen Time Management

Screen Time Management

Children can get addicted to their devices or the platforms that they are constantly using without being supervised.

Setting limits on their mobile usage is important for ensuring a healthy balance between a healthy lifestyle on the online and offline modes.

Screen time affects the physical aspect of every individual since they get engaged in their devices. This is why parents should use the built-in apps to monitor and restrict access & restrict screen time.

Now, you can add their screen time limits, and sleeping time and promote their productivity in various aspects.

This encourages the children to be involved in physical outdoor activities, and interactions, and also maintain a proper schedule.

Thus, overall, it is an effective method for fostering good habits and leveraging the technology for your child’s benefit.

Monitoring and Encouraging Open Dialogue

Monitoring and Encouraging Open Dialogue

Apart from just limiting access to undesired sites or applications, there are several ways to keep tabs on your child’s device activity.

Fibre internet is one such example that reports every single detail, be it the website that was visited or how much time is being spent on the device. 

You can also learn about the most used application on your child’s phone through this! This makes this application quite a reliable and invaluable source for you as parents to keep an eye on the kids to ensure their safety.

Apart from using such tools to understand what your kid does, it is always better to have open-ended discussions. 

This allows both of you to understand the mindsets and according to that, you can educate them regarding the issues and risks involved.

This helps clear out misunderstandings and helps learn about the importance of privacy when it comes to personal information.

Balancing Safety and Independence

Balancing Safety and Independence

As the child gets older, the need to balance safety and independence becomes important. 

This can be done by setting boundaries using parental controls, which does not stop them from exploring but at the same time know their limits.

You can restrict the content that is inappropriate and can be addictive (violence, drugs, etc.). But at the same time, you should start relaxing the rules bit by bit.

This provides them with a sense of security about growing up and being mature enough to make the right decisions. 

However, it is also essential to constantly engage with them in small talk to elaborate on the importance of online safety.

Thus, it in turn becomes safe for the children and trust you enough to open up about their areas of curiosity and vice versa.


The increased potential risks involved with being on online platforms have had parents concerned about their children’s safety. 

With this in mind, a software tool named ‘Parental Controls’ has been introduced to control the access of your child’s device. 

You can now set it up on their devices and monitor them through various methods. According to the analysis, you can manage their screen time to avoid addiction to their gadgets.

Thus, by considering these benefits of using parental controls, you can streamline your child’s wise device usage. 

But do remember to discuss with your children from time to time what they have been up to rather than just hiding and accessing all their information!

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