Link Building In 2024: The 5 Latest Strategies and Techniques

| Updated on April 1, 2024
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To effectively market your enterprise on the internet, it’s necessary to employ certain tactics to distinguish you from your rivals. 

These strategies can enable your website to compete with the many online websites. This can enhance the business’s visibility on search engines. 

If you’re concerned about excessive expenditure, rest assured you can achieve effective results using cost-free online marketing tools for small businesses. 

In reality, if you want the company to flourish and expand, make sure that it’s visible on Google. 

Whenever a prospective client searches for your services online, they should be able to find you. 

This is the sole reason to contact a link-building firm to attract and convert qualified leads. Here are the latest link-building strategies for 2024. 

Embrace Visuals: Infographics and Videos

Visual content such as infographics and videos is highly favored across social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest, and LinkedIn. This is due to their shareable nature and ease of embedding in blog posts or websites.

For those seeking increased visibility for personal or brand promotion, crafting an infographic or video on a specific subject can be highly beneficial.

Infographics are an excellent tool, as they can be incorporated into a blog post and distributed on social media, especially on platforms like Pinterest. 

Their simplicity and readability make them an effective way of spreading information. 

Be sure to include backlinks in your infographic that direct readers to the website or any other destinations you aim for them to visit after viewing your content.

58% of businesses believe link building has a big effect on their SERP rankings. 56% of businesses believe both the quality and quantity of links impact rankings.

Monitor and Update Your Links

Like most people, you might regularly check for new backlinks – possibly even daily- but that’s not for us to critique. 

Beyond maintaining a well-rounded backlink profile, keeping an eye on the links lets you know who is adding to the backlink profile. 

This insight lets you concentrate on various sectors for outreach and generating content.

Another key element is link relevancy. 

It can hold more weight than the authority of the entities linking to the site. 

This is because having relevant links communicates to Google that you are a reliable resource in the industry. 

This aids in improving your ranking for keywords important to the company.

Harness the Power of Image-Based Links

Images are powerful tools for capturing attention and filling space, hence their tendency to draw clicks.

Consequently, crafting and promoting various images, such as graphics, product photos, and comics, can be a strategic move to garner more backlinks.

However, when utilizing images as backlinks, ensure the link directs to the comprehensive page where the image is located, not the image directory itself. 

Links to an image directory (ending in .gif, .png, .jpg, etc.) are dead-end, causing traffic to be squandered.

To check if any of your backlinks are leading to image directories, you can set up filters in your SEO tool to identify if any target URLs consist of image formats.

If you discover any, request the website owner to substitute the link with one that navigates to the image page. 

If they’re embedding your image on their site, they should be responsible for linking to the correct location.

Moreover, you can conduct a Google Images search to ascertain if anyone else is utilizing the images.

If the website is reputable, and you’re comfortable with them retaining the image, you could ask them to include a link. 

On the other hand, if the site appears dubious, it would be prudent to ask them to remove it.

Target Industry-Related Link Roundups

Several blogs tend to regularly spotlight top corporations or industry influencers. 

When crafting their articles, these blogs often include links to the websites they mention, thereby generating organic backlinks from relevant sites.

Compilation posts that link to the “best” or “top 10” in your field can offer fertile opportunities for gaining backlinks. 

A content marketing agency can help you identify and establish connections with bloggers who create these types of roundup posts. 

These bloggers often produce blog posts, social media updates, and email newsletters featuring links to high-quality blogs.

To be considered for inclusion, submit your content ensuring it complies with their guidelines, and propose a reciprocal arrangement by featuring their roundup in your subsequent article. 

Roundups have the potential to provide sustained visibility over time.

How Much Do Marketers Spend On Link Building

Diversify Your Link Portfolio

The relevance of your website increases with the number of references it has in different publications. 

Backlinks are crucial in enhancing your SEO Link Building initiatives. Luckily, having a diverse range of links in your portfolio can assist in this.

While having backlinks from identical, trusted sources won’t negatively impact your site’s reputation, it’s more beneficial to explore new sources rather than sticking to the same ones repeatedly. 

A broader selection of source websites boosts your authority in the eyes of search engines.

Link Diversity ensures that your portfolio has high-quality backlinks pointing to various sources. 

You might want to consider the following sources for backlinks:

  • Credible websites, particularly those in your niche
  • Directories of websites or blogs
  • Comments on blogs or forums

Final Thoughts

Concentrate on both the volume and value of the backlinks. 

Although the count is important, the relevancy and link value from the site have more significance. 

A single link from a highly reputable website can enhance your rankings over hundreds of inferior-quality links. 

Incorporate these validated link-building techniques into your 2024 SEO plan to boost your position in search engine results.

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