Imaget App Review (2024): Worthy or Not?

| Updated on May 8, 2024

Imaget is one of the most convenient and all-inclusive platforms you can find online. To download pictures in bulk or by the image URL, you can get your hands on images of your choice in just a few clicks. 

Imaget is a perfect solution for your editing or project work needs. Why so? Let’s give you answers to all your questions in this brief Imaget app review.


Why Choose Imaget App?

Whether you are a video editor, a professional, or a student with a lot of project work, Imaget is there to help you download a number of images for you in just a few clicks. 

To make the process more accurate and user-friendly, this program features options like advanced filters to only select the files of your choice. 

Numerous users on the internet find this app a blessing for their productivity, which is justified by its popularity. Moreover, to make this application more accessible, you can use it on both Windows and Mac computers.

With that being the introduction to the application, let us get you familiar with its features.

Imaget App Features: Why It is Different From Others?

It takes a lot of effort to build a program that makes every user satisfied. Imaget has been pretty much successful in doing so. How? Find your answers below:

  • Batch Image Downloads: One of the key highlights of this program is that it lets you automatically download a bunch of images in just a few clicks. Forget tiring your hands on infinite mouse clicks, and save images in batch.

    Instead of selecting each picture one by one, save those filed in your device in one go. You can even use image URLs if you want.
  • Download Pictures from Any Platform: Consider the scenario that you like a picture on Instagram or Facebook, and want to use that in your content or project. Now, both applications do not allow you to save any picture offline on the device.

    In cases similar to this, you can seek assistance from Imaget and download images in one go. You just need to copy the image URL and paste it on the required field.

    You can even do that with stock images of your choice.
  • High-Speed Image Reading: Downloading and reading those images is a piece of cake for Imaget. Depending on the internet speed your device currently has, your files can be saved in your device within a flick.
  • Easy User-Interface: The user interface is one of the most crucial points that can either make or break your whole experience.

    According to several industry-leading developers, well-thought-out planning and placement of buttons can make a platform more engaging and responsive.

    Therefore, the developers at Imaget have mindfully planned and executed its layout. It does not matter if you are an expert or a rookie, using this program is super easy.
  • Super Accessible: As mentioned earlier, you can access Imaget from any OS. Be it Windows or Mac, it gives the same impressive performance on both platforms.

    Along with that, the download speed and other factors remain constant for both platforms.

Pricing and Plans

Based on the number of devices that can access premium, and the different features offered, the price of plans differ in different packages. They are listed below: 

  • 1-Month Plan: $4.95
  • 1-Year Plan: $19.95
  • Lifetime Plan: $29.95
  • Family Plan: $39.95

Based on the price you pay, you will get more or less features. One feature that is constant in all plans is no-advertisement. 

You can also try entering a coupon code if you have any.

Their plans also offer a 30-day money-back guarantee, free upgrades, & tech support

Apart from them, you can also use the free version provided by the makers. Their free version is equally capable, however comes with a few downsides. 

For instance, in their free version, you are allowed to use the bulk download feature only three times or download 50 individual images.

However, if you do not need this program regularly or for frequent use, there is no point in buying their plans. In such cases, the free version does the best for you.

Pros & Cons of Using Imaget

Easy UINot much content to read about it
A range of plansPlans feel a bit expensive
Download pictures in a few clicks
Can be used for different platforms

Final Verdict

To wrap everything up, Imaget is a pretty responsive and all-inclusive program that can let you download hundreds of images in one go. You just have to select those files and hit the download button.

Moreover, you can scroll through their plans to find the one that suits your budget. Either way, you can also use their free version with limited features.

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