5 Reasons Your Business May Need .NET Application Development

| Updated on February 23, 2024
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.NET is basically a platform on which an enterprise or a business can lay a strong foundation for app development with modern tech and infrastructure. You’ve likely heard of it in passing, maybe in a meeting or an article, and wondered, “Does my business need it?” That’s a fair question. 

After all, no one wants to invest in tech that doesn’t bring tangible value. So today, we’ll try to answer this question and see how (if at all) you can use this framework in your business.

What’s .NET Exactly?


Now, let’s start with the basics. .NET is a software framework, which means it’s a platform used by developers to build and run applications. Think of it as a foundation for constructing buildings (in this case, software applications). 

It was created by Microsoft, and when developers are required to build an application, Let it be for computers, mobile phones, or web servers, .NET provides the tools and “building blocks” they require.

How Does It Work?

.NET comes with pre-written code — ready-made components that developers can use. This saves them from writing every single line of code from scratch. For instance, if they have to add a login system to an app, the framework has a ready-to-use piece of code for that.

According to FirstSiteGuide, .net is the second most popular domain extension, with 13.5 million websites.

Can You Use It Across Platforms and Languages?

Flexibility is a great advantage that this tech provides to enterprises. Developers can use it to build apps for almost any device and platform, like Windows, Mac, Linux, or even smartphones. Plus, it supports multiple programming languages, so developers can pick the one they’re most comfortable with or the one that’s best for the job in this particular case.

What’s In It For Businesses?

Businesses use .net development in various ways. For example, it can be used to build internal software — like an app to manage inventory. It’s also great for creating apps that customers use — like shopping apps.

5 .NET Development Solutions Your Business May Need

If you are serious about the subject and want to implement this tech in your business, here are 5 helpful solutions that might help you:

.NET Desktop Software

Now, let’s take a standard task in your business, like managing inventory or financial reporting. A desktop application, custom-built with .NET, can streamline any of these.

For instance, a .NET-based inventory app can track stock levels and predict (based on sales trends) when you’ll have to reorder. You integrate it into your current systems and enjoy saved time and lower error rates.

Mobile Apps (Xamarin)

Many businesses today want an app that both their Android and iOS customers can use. That’s understandable. With the help of.NET’s Xamarin tool, you build this app just once, and it will work on both platforms.

Suppose you can get an app that lets your customers order your products, track their deliveries, and even get customer support from their phones. In this way, you connect with your customers on the devices they use the most.

IoT Systems Built with .NET

To illustrate this one, let’s imagine a manufacturing business. With the help of .NET, this business can develop an IoT system where sensors on machines send real-time data to a central dashboard. 

This is great because you see immediately if a machine is down or if a process is slower than usual. And so you can react really quickly (read: lower downtime and higher efficiency).

Cloud Apps Built with .NET

Another great example is cloud apps, to which many businesses turn today. The .NET framework allows you to create and control them. Imagine a cloud-based project management tool developed with it will help your team stay on track with tasks, deadlines, and collaboration.

Of course, you do not necessarily require .NET for that. Yet, with it, you can enjoy such benefits as better control and fast recovery.

Intelligent .NET Apps Built with ML and AI

And finally, the good news is that some development agencies use the framework in combination with ML and AI. What you get as a result is more opportunities for customization and higher accuracy. 

If used together, these tools can provide you with an app that helps to personalize marketing campaigns very efficiently. Or, with one that takes care of adjusting your inventory before demand spikes. The key idea here is to get an app that makes smarter decisions than you do.

Microsoft’s new 7.0 version is going to be released in November 2022, and .NET 8.0 is also in the queue for 2023


Finally, .NET is a pretty valuable asset for your business if you care to get one. It helps your business lay a strong foundation on which you can develop extremely high-quality and modern applications. Many enterprises happily use this tech, and you must also integrate it into your enterprise to stay ahead of the time.

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