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| Updated on February 23, 2024
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If you don’t take active measures your internet activity will be constantly tracked. Websites and online services are heavily monetizing our digital fingerprints, so a simple browser even with privacy extensions won’t do. Anti-detect browsers are rising in popularity among privacy-minded users and business professionals.

Anti-detect browsers ensure anonymity by allowing users to create multiple browser profiles with different digital fingerprints. Dolphin Anty is one of the most popular anti-detect browsers but you’ll need to use proxies with it.

What Is a Dolphin Anty Browser?

When you visit a website it uses many different signals you send to identify who you are and track your activity. IP address, screen resolution, graphics card, and browser versions are just a few data points that online services collect.

Unfortunately, there isn’t much you can do with an ordinary browser due to the way the internet functions so it must send all this data about your device. Most of it is quite reasonable to request, as the website would not be able to function otherwise. 

However, web services use various shady collection tactics to follow users and profile them into categories. This allows them to restrict access, filter content, target ads, or simply sell all of the user data to other services. Dolphin Anty comes in to stop or at least complicate this process for them.

Dolphin achieves this by using a method called browser fingerprint obfuscation. The idea is to imitate (or spoof) various browser settings,  plugins, languages, user agents, and more to make it more difficult for the website to detect its unique fingerprint.

How Does The Dolphin Browser Work?

Dolphin Browser Work

The corporations try to fight back and constantly develop new ways for browser fingerprinting if used cleverly it can stand up to their efforts. This browser can spoof over 20 parameters of the user’s device and browser to blend it with the crowd or put it in a category that would attract the least attention.

The whole process with the Dolphin Anty browser is quite simple users can create multiple browser profiles (sometimes called instances) with a unique set of configurations. Then, when you enter a website Dolphin sends a request using these configurations. 

Of course, your original settings for example screen resolution are different so, after receiving back the data from the web server, the Dolphin browser converts the resolution to what your device supports. That way you can browse the internet without much difference on your side.

Dolphin allows users to set up automation tasks that help when managing multiple accounts on various websites. You can use the in-built template builder or known tools, such as Puppeteer or Selenium

So, automatically collecting data, scheduling posts on social media, or bulk purchasing goods becomes not only anonymous but also convenient.

But what distinguishes Dolphin from the rest of Anti-detect browsers such as Kameleo, is the free teamwork functionalities. Dolphin is made to be used by teams allowing them to share profiles and support different access levels. 

Tip of the iceberg

The “visible web” — what we can access with a browser– is only .03% like the tip of the iceberg, while the deep web is thousands of times larger.

Can You Use Dolphin Anty Without Proxies?

The base version of the Dolphin Anty browser is completely free you can save up to 10 browser profiles, access profile management tools, and all the other features. However, as with other anti-detect browsers, they lose much of their functionality without using a proxy server.

The first criteria websites use when tracking and profiling users is the IP address. It’s a string of characters that uniquely identifies the internet service provider and the approximate location of the user. There are no two devices that have the same IP address each IP is assigned to a certain location uniquely.

So, even if you would use the Dolphin Anty browser without a proxy, websites could easily identify you and many websites stop tracking other settings if your IP address already matches. 

More importantly, web servers rarely (if ever) ban users based on other fingerprint parts they ban the IP address, and then no matter what browser instance you use the access will be denied.

A proxy server reduces this risk to a minimum it acts as an intermediary that forwards your requests by hiding your original IP address. So, the website can only see the IP of the proxy but not your original one.

The best strategy is to use one proxy (I recommend residential proxies) with the same Dolphins Anty browser instance. You will appear on the website as a regular user with the same settings and a constant IP not changing either the IP or the settings you risk raising suspicions, which might lead to a ban.

Setting Up Dolphin Proxy

If you want to save money start with a free trial from a reputable proxy provider and see if it works and then log in to your Dolphin browser account and create a new profile.

Even though there are a multitude of fingerprint options it’s hard to miss the IP address choose “new proxy” (or “saved proxies” if it’s the second time setting up this proxy), and you will be able to add the credentials. 

Dolphin browser supports a common proxy authentication method you just need to enter your proxy IP and port number and then check the connection with the convenient button. 

If it works you are good to go or if you can’t find your proxy provider contact the Dolphin proxy provider.

It is pivotal to choose a provider that explicitly supports the Dolphin Anty browser and has some knowledge of setting it up. Otherwise, they might not help you when issues arise.


Dont get detected

It might seem complicated at first glance but using the Dolphin browser with proxies is as easy as it’s necessary. This anti-detect browser is made to work with proxy services without much hassle.

The Dolphin Anty browser simply collects fingerprints from real users, the collected fingerprints are then provided to create a new browser profile. You can opt for this browser as It allows you to manage multiple accounts with team interactions.

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