3 Strategies that Guarantee the Best TV Services for Gamers

| Updated on April 16, 2024
tv service strategies for gamers
Best TV Services for Gamers

There is a surge in popularity across the gaming industry. The fact that everyone streams nowadays makes a world of a difference. Possibilities are, that gamers may game and stream at the same time or have at least tried. 

Both activities when partaking in them separately take up a ton of bandwidth. Doing it simultaneously may be impossible if your internet service isn’t the best. 

A gamer invests a lot of money and time into building a powerful gaming rig, any sort of bummer (let’s say, unsaved progress due to a slow internet connection) can leave them in trouble.

For gamers who cannot upgrade their internet speeds to anything faster, you’ll need a different kind of solution to make this happen.

When there isn’t one particular streaming service that’s better for gamers than another, there are some that may appeal more to the typical gamer. 

We’ve done the research and some features let you enjoy streaming without compromising your bandwidth.

Steam In HD Or SD Instead Of 4K

Streaming does take up a ton of bandwidth, but you can make it take less bandwidth. Instead of broadcasting in 4K (4,000p), consider dropping your resolution to high definition (1080p) or even standard definition (720p).

Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, Amazon Prime Video, Dish TV, Max, Apple TV, Paramount+, STARZ, and Fubo all have 4K streaming capabilities. 

Just because that can, doesn’t mean that you have to or even should. There are a number of ways you can lower your viewing quality. 

The first way is to subscribe to the high-definition or standard-definition plan on the service you use. When lowering the resolution, you’ll save yourself some money too.

Do You Know?:
Recently, Steam reached a peak of 62.6 million daily active players. Hence, this platform gained an average of 2.6 million purchasers per month.

The second way you can do this is to edit your settings within your device. On nearly all devices like the Roku and Amazon Fire Stick, you can adjust the streaming quality within the settings. 

It may take a little bit of digging, but it’s there. We recommend choosing the lowest quality you can tolerate for the least amount of bandwidth consumed.

Also, it’s worth noting, that if you’re paying for a 4K broadcasting service and don’t have a 4K TV; you’re not viewing what you’re watching in 4K. Save yourself the money anyway if the lowest quality isn’t acceptable to you.

Turn Off Autoplay

Turn Off Autoplay

Who doesn’t love binge-playing? It is relatively a behavioral pattern. What happens is, that people enable autoplay when deciding to binge-play. In reality, besides offering accessibility, autoplay can consume more resources and bandwidth than necessary. 

It eventually impacts web performance and loading speed. 

This is particularly helpful if you tend to watch and be completely ingrained in your game. Turning off autoplay will stop the next video, episode, or movie from automatically loading up and playing. 

Fast Fact:
Back then in 2015, it was seen that users were 250% more likely to prefer autoplay videos over other viewing methods.

This also stops the service from auto-playing trailers when you boot it up and from hovering over thumbnails. 

Even if this isn’t saving you much bandwidth, it is a minor annoyance that can be resolved within the settings.

Download What You Want To Watch While You’re Sleeping

A sure way to cut back on bandwidth and game efficiency is to download everything you want to watch the night before. However, this takes a little preplanning and extra work to pull off. 

Most streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, Max, Disney+, Sling TV, Apple Music, Amazon Prime Video, YouTube Premium, and Paramount+ all let you download content to watch offline.

highest-rated game on Steam

Portal 2 currently is the highest-rated game on Steam and has 235,407 positive reactions. Even, it has a 97.61% rating on the platform. 

Just keep in mind, that there are some restrictions on this. For example, if you rent from Amazon Prime Video or YouTube, you do have a set number of days to watch the content before the download deletes itself. 

With Max, your account can have up to 30 current downloads at one time across all user profiles and devices. 

Once you start watching it, it expires within 48 hours. Of course, you can renew it or delete the download at any time if you wish.

The Bottom Line

Gaming and streaming are two bandwidth-heavy activities that can take a toll on your internet connection. If you’re a gamer who loves streaming, we know that you might experience a significant slowdown in your internet whenever you do them simultaneously. 

So, keep these tips in mind and take advantage of these features so you can have the best of both worlds without experiencing interruptions. Good luck!

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