Top Insurance Apps & Softwares To Look For In 2024

| Updated on May 30, 2024
Top Insurance Apps

As the technology has been evolving, the areas of utilization have been expanded as well. Thus, it is now being used for applying for insurance and several platforms have been created for the same.

Insurance is like the financial cushion that protects your pocket from being overburdened by sudden expenditures. It now covers various areas like medical insurance, house, life settlement, and lawsuits among countless others.

However, not always has it been so accessible and affordable for those who needed, which is why now platforms are designed in such a manner.

Numerous genuine platforms provide their policyholders with good coverage options. To learn more about them, dive into the world of top 5 insurance apps as we brief you on the same.

The Top 5 Insurance Apps & Software

As mentioned earlier, there are several types of insurance provided to the individual who needs it. 

It aims to protect you from unplanned expenses by providing you with financial cushions against cases of medical conditions, accidents, fire, lawsuits, and various other aspects.

Thanks to the digitalization, they are now much more accessible for those in need. However, it can be quite confusing when you are in search of a reliable company that offers you great offers and coverage.

But fret not since we have compiled the top 5 insurance apps and software to make it easier for you. There are as follows:

Fabric by Gerber Life 

Fabric by Gerber Life 

Policy Types: Term

Ranking: 4.7

Fabric by Gerber Life is known for selling its term life insurance, which is capable of providing a coverage range from $100,000 up to $5 million.

The terms last up to 30 years and also have a lot of additional features to offer for young parents. This provides them with financial aid to plan their future economic needs that need to be met.

The most attractive offer provided by the company is the tool that helps you and your partner to keep tabs on the financial accounts. This includes:

  • Checking
  • Savings
  • Mortgage
  • Credit cards
  • 401 (K) – related to retirement savings plan
  • IRA

It is also known for its simplicity and insurance products to its digital-first customer experience. Thus, this makes it a good choice for you in case you are looking for aid for your family.

Ethos Life 

Ethos Life 

Policy Types: Term, Whole

Ranking: 4.8

Known for its life insurance plans, Ethos Life offers up to $30,000 without medical exams. They also offer guaranteed rate whole insurance for the aged populations as well (aged 66 to 85).

With the company taking its baby steps in 2016, it has always aimed to make insurance accessible, affordable, and transparent with the policyholders.

Since the founder himself comes from a humble background and had a backstory related to the inaccessibility of insurance, he made extensive offers available for them. 

This was to make most Americans experience this unique ability to provide their families with the right financial coverage that could never have been before.

AIG Direct 


Policy Types: Term, Whole, Universal, and many more

Ranking: 4.0

AIG Direct is now a reputable name in the insurance industry due to its wide range of options in life insurance. The options include:

  • Term
  • Whole
  • Universal
  • Quality of life
  • Guaranteed issue whole
  • Final expense 
  • Accidental deaths

On top of that, the company is also known for providing its clients with a completely “DIY” policy purchase. This allows you to tailor the coverage options as per your requirements and be virtually assured about the same.

The New York-based company also offers casualty and property insurance among other financial services to their customers across 70+ countries!

Thus, now you can get the perfect insurance coverage that fits your needs and also save up to 45% on the policies, especially term life policy.

Ladder Life 


Policy Types: Term

Ranking: 4.8

Having one of the most claims to offer in the insurance industry, Ladder Life is known for providing their policyholders with term life products.

This allows you to change the coverage amount as per your needs, for example, you took a million-dollar policy. However, with time, if you feel like you do not need it, then you can lower the coverage to a couple of thousand dollars accordingly.

Underwritten by Allianz Life, this initiative was inspired by the life of the company’s CEO, Jamie. He had lost his father at the age of 11 and had to learn the harsh reality of how life insurance keeps the family afloat.

He began to help other families through tough situations and reach the heights of success, the way his dad had done for him as he grew up.

CEO, Jamie Hale

Ladder Life’s CEO, Jamie Hale has stressed the fact that his company focuses on 3 things:


Policy Types: Term, Whole

Ranking: 4.4

Amica is tailored to support you in case you lose a parent, spouse, or loved one. If you have already been through this, you know that timely life insurance payout is the only piece of the puzzle.

The company also provides assistance with the funeral service arrangements, which includes:

  • Burial
  • Writing an obituary
  • Dealing with the legal process

This shows that Amica understands how hard it can be for you to lose a loved one. It has partnered with an app named Empathy. It offers you action plans for the beneficiaries, estate navigation, grief specialists, and several others.

Final Inputs

Having insurance now is a must because of how uncertain life can be at any point in time. This could be events of accidents, lawsuits, or even medical conditions among many other aspects.

This helps you by providing you with financial relief in case of unplanned or emergency expenditures. Thus, this is an indication for you as well to buy insurance that meets your needs and has good coverage.

Also, remember to check out the details and instructions before applying for one of the platforms recommended above. 

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