Tips that Work to Increase Your TikTok Followers

| Updated on April 1, 2024

Although TikTok is a relatively new participant in the social media space, almost all teens, Z-Gens, and kids like using it. Thanks to the constantly developing video-sharing network, everybody may now make brief films with amusing music and filters.

TikTok is becoming the largest share of the market as demand for viral videos soars across all social media platforms. Following the top three social media sites, Facebook, Instagram, and WeChat, it has more than 800 million active users. You must realize that it takes time to succeed on this platform if you want to do so. Instead, it requires patience and knowledge. 

We’ve included effective strategies that can increase your TikTok followers below. We’ll also go over the best approach to maximize your effective marketing techniques. 

Determine Your Target Demographics Accurately.

If you want to grow your following on this platform, you need to realize that each person is unique. Each age group expresses themselves differently on TikTok. Because a wide range of information appeals to all age groups and specializations, there is space for everyone. 

It’s relevant to focus on your target audience and create films that meet their specific needs. Consider what kinds of material your intended audience might enjoy. Also, you can purchase tiktok followers here for more reach. 

For instance, you should make more attractive, humorous movies to reach a group of people between 13 and 25. If you want to reach adults over 35, on the other hand, concentrate on creating more “specialized” material that informs and offers them helpful guidance.

Utilise Tiktok to Enlighten Your Audience.

The best platform for making educational films is TikTok. Of course, you may post the same materials on Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook. Feel free to experiment with different platforms to see where videos perform best or to identify the best kind to publish on each.

You need to upgrade your account to TikTok’s Pro edition to determine what works best. With the help of this update, you may gain insights about your videos’ performance depending on your viewers’ demographics, including their age, location, and other factors.

Profit from the Influence of Trends

The most excellent way to improve your influence on this platform is to consider current trends. TikTok uses hashtags to highlight the most popular subjects, like Twitter, Instagram, or LinkedIn. If your fans adore a trendy song, you may utilize it to create a creative video to promote your business. Then, with ease, you may capitalize on a fad and keep up your spin, creating a delightful, alluring offer.

While keeping up with trends is significant, you should also develop your movements. You’ll undoubtedly get the respect and admiration of your followers if you use social media creativity to distinguish your business from your competitors. 

Make a Challenge Plan.

The key TikTok trends should be included in your material, but you may take it further by posing your own “challenges.” Jennifer Lopez provides a difficulty as an example. She challenged her fans, asking them to record themselves dancing to her songs and post the videos on TikTok with her unique tag.

The graph below shows how a TikTok video helps gain a number of followers and therefore, improves the overall engagement of the users. 

TikTok Video View Rate by Number of Followers

Make Extensive Use of Hashtags.

Using hashtags on TikTok is a fantastic technique to help your business become more well-known. As more people switch from Twitter and Instagram to TikTok, they use more hashtags to discover huge things. 

The most excellent method to improve your brand’s reach is strategically combining trend-driven, all-purpose, and brand-specific hashtags. Use trendy hashtags like #employees working and #restaurant, for instance, to create a video showing how your restaurant staff works.

Remember to use the required hashtags, #ForYou or #fyp, to help you gain a desired point on the For You page. However, you should also include a few hashtags with your company name or other distinctive brand elements specific to your specialty.

The highest engagement rate by video views is for posts that feature 0 to 2 hashtags and for those that have between 3 to 6 hashtags, indicating the same value, namely 5.3%.

Post During Peak Hours

Posting exactly when your fans are online is an excellent strategy you can use to improve your following and elevate your visibility to a whole new level. Once more, having a Pro account and checking into statistics can assist you in determining when your potential customers are more active on the site. 

Keep in mind that TT displays all statistics in Universal Time (UTC). This means you are responsible for converting and ensuring you reach your audience when they are most engaged in your time zone. However, remember that you can only access your analytics for seven days with a TikTok Pro account. 

However, you may also use statistics from other social networking sites. Think about posting your films then and saving a few others for split-testing various upload times.

Promote Your Videos on Various Social Media Sites.

TikTok is not a free-floating, independent channel. All other social media sites, such as Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Pinterest, Reddit, etc., are covered by a complete video marketing policy. 

Moreover, TikTok makes sharing your content on other platforms easy. You may thus share your films on your profile with your existing audience if you already have a sizable following elsewhere by doing so.

After uploading, videos are instantly stored on your mobile device. Share them on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and any other social media platform to inform your followers that they may interact with you on TikTok. 

To make an engaging Instagram Story, you may consider leveraging influencers to promote your blog posts or TikTok videos. Collaborations between brands and influencers are pretty effective, and you can utilize the resources to choose the ideal influencer confidently.


Last but not least, you may grow your TikTok following by just observing what others are doing well. Learn about the newest trends to determine what is effective and what is not. Note how many people commented on a hilarious video as you are watching it and don’t forget to post a comment. 

It would help if you started participating with material focused on your provided goods and services because comments are the only method to communicate directly with others. But try to avoid becoming a spammer. Your following will grow as you interact with random videos that you like.

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