Tanzohub: A Platform to Join Live Events and Interact with Others Through Your Avatar

| Updated on May 27, 2024
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Augmented Reality is a technology that blends computer-generated info with the real world. Many developers have created augmented reality apps for the classroom to make the session interactive and fun. Joining the league, Tanzohub is the app that has revolutionized the experience of live events, allowing the audience to visually participate in them.

It fosters engagement through avatars that digitally represent the attendees and also helps the creators to attract audiences from remote locations. 

In this article, we will learn about Tanzohub, including its features, tools, applications, and more.

Tanzohub: Overview and Features


Established in 2019, Tanzohub is a web-based advanced video rendering technology that allows the audience to integrate visually into a live event. It creates interactive avatars of the attendees and projects them on the large screen to mix them into the live feed. This way remote and live attendees can coexist and interact with each other. The software has turned passive viewership into active participation. 

These are a few of the platform’s features, advantages, or goals:

  • Active Participation

    It promotes the immersive participation of the attendees in the live sessions. This creates an engaging environment that makes the event more interesting.

  • Social Connection

    The platform helps build social bonds and a community so that the attendees can visually interact with each other through their animated avatars.

  • Data-Driven Insights

    Tanzohub collects the real-time data of participants and provides its analysis so that the organizers can later use the insights and optimize them to make future live events better and more engaging.

  • Customizable Dashboard

    You can personalize the dashboard to get a real-time picture of the business’s vital metrics, including sales figures, website traffic, and others. It helps you make timely adjustments in case of any issue. 

  • Gamification and Rewards

    It has exciting features like points, badges, and leaderboards to add gaming principles and boost participation. This makes the events more fun and compelling by providing them with rewards and recognition for their involvement.

  • Multi-platform Accessibility

    The platform is compatible with smartphones and large-format displays and can be easily accessed from anywhere. This allows the organizers to plan a variety of larger-scale events and accommodate more attendees.

All these features are game changers for event planners, tech-savvy, content creators, and many other artists. This platform will become much better with the continuous evolution of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality.

Useful Tools of Tanzohub 

There are three main tools or platforms that Tanzohub provides to make your live joining experience better, which include the following:

  • Tanzohub Studio

    This is the production software that is used to organize and manage the live events. With this, producers can overlay several video feeds and control their interaction. 

  • Tanzohub App

    This is a mobile app that is used by the audience to shoot their video, transform it into avatars, and participate in events along with various interactive gestures and emotions. 

    Applications and Uses of Tanzohub

    Undoubtedly, Tanzohub is an advanced platform that unlocks several new doors across diverse live events and performances. Here are a few examples:

    • Concerts and Festivals

      Artists can perform live concerts and stage performances to the virtually available audience. This allows the audience to interact with both the artist and other fans from all over the world.

    • Speeches and Presentations

      Speakers can conduct their sessions to reach a large viewer base and send messages to them from remote locations. Presenters can also get real-time responses and feedback on their work. 

    • Different Classes

      Instructors can conduct various classes through this platform such as dance, theater, fitness, and other training sessions. This allows them to target numerous remote participants who will join them live and connect.

    • Gaming and Esports

      Gamers can also organize large Esports arenas and let the crowd join them to cheer and enjoy the league. 

      In short, this is a comprehensive platform that gives live experience to the public of any event or session related to entertainment, education, lifestyle, business, and others. 

    How to Use Tanzohub?

    If you are new to Tanzohub and do not know how to take advantage of the platform’s various features, do not worry. Here is the step-by-step process that you have to follow:

    1. Pursue a Free Record

      Visit the official site of Tanzohub and continue with the following steps:

    • Head to the Join button in the page’s top right corner. 
    • Enter your email address and a secret phrase in the respective fields. Then, continue.
    • Finally, Tenzohub will send you a confirmation link to your registered email address.
    1. Make Your Profile

      Now you must create an interesting profile by including a photograph, a username, and a brief bio, as well as a list of your skills and interests. This information will help the audience to know more about you while you are on the stage. Also, it is suggested to regularly update your profile to look creative.

    1. Join Communities

      Done with the profile? Then, start taking advantage of the platform. You can join various gatherings to connect with like-minded people and integrate with them to create a fan base or get valuable assets and tips in your feed. 

    1. Post Refreshes

      Now, you are ready to post helpful assets, build up conversations, share refreshes, and try other ways to draw audience attention. 

    1. Construct Your Organization

      When you find someone with a similar vibe, follow them and send an association request to interact with them and form an organization. 

    1. Keep Working on Your Abilities

      Finally, it’s all about your skills, creativity, and ability to perform better. You should continuously work on them by taking online courses and finding a coach.

      This way you can get a better experience with Tanzohub. If you face any trouble, you can simply get assistance from the customer support team via live chat, email, or call. You can also check out the FAQs section of the website.

    Possible Future Developments

    In the future, Tanzohub is planning to make the platform more advanced, engaging, and fun by innovating a bunch of features. Some of them include the following:

    • Better social features to make the events more engaging and interesting for attendees so that they can enjoy interaction together through their avatars.
    • Shared metaverse environments for attendees to delve deeper into the virtual world.
    • Including more animation options, such as full-body motion capture and photorealistic avatars.
    • Introducing built-in streaming integration for YouTube and Twitch broadcasts.
    • Developing a marketplace where creators can buy and sell content, assets, and tools to the audience. 

    Furthermore, they are working on AR functionality that allows avatars to interact with physical destinations. 

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    Final Words

    In short, Tanzohub is a futuristic platform that allows you to join live performances from any location so that you don’t feel FOMO. Tanzohub, like Zoomee, allows you to virtually join sessions to learn and connect with people from other countries. However, it is much more than a learning platform, as it allows users to interact with performers via avatars. 

    So, what are you waiting for? Just visit the website and start attending or creating cool events.

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    Ans: Yes, you can avail of the free trial before buying the subscription.

    Ans: Yes, thanks to its varied plans and features that make it a suitable platform for businesses of all sizes.

    Ans: You can try to reach them out via email, live chat, and phone in case of an issue.

    Ans: Yes, the tool has an analytics engine that provides data insights so that you can make strategic decisions, optimize the allocation of resources, and guide marketing and operational strategies.


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