The Rise of Online Education and Video Tools

| Updated on March 19, 2024
online learning revolution

Decades ago we couldn’t even imagine the concept of distance learning, due to its biggest drawback which was the lack of personal touch. Without a personal session between the student and the teacher, a student won’t be able to clarify doubts and a teacher won’t be able to get feedback on his teaching.

Not all students have the same pace of learning and after-class doubt sessions are an essential part of the traditional education system. Not only does it lead to effective communication between both factions but also reduces stress among students.   

But in the case of online education personalized class sessions between a student and a teacher seemed to be impossible. However, after the pandemic outbreak in 2020 the way students learn, read, and interact has changed a lot. In this article, we will be tracing the rise of online education and video tools. 

Revolution by Online Education and Video Tools

As we have talked earlier the biggest drawback in online classes was the lack of personal touch between teacher and student. But nowadays many online institutes and ed-tech industries have removed this hindrance by introducing online personalized tutors. 

When Covid hit the world, many students faced a lack of motivation to attend classes. That’s where the concept of personalized after-class sessions and quizzes was introduced. AmazingTalker is one such platform that has revolutionized the way we can learn new languages or courses. 

With AmazingTalker you can learn various languages and courses. Whether you are seeking a Korean, Mandarin, Spanish, or Japanese tutor or looking for various academic courses under one roof.

Moving further, the concept of online education has resolved many issues, let’s talk about them in detail.

Benefits of Online Education

The most common benefit that everyone talks about is the ease of accessibility, in which a student can attend a lecture or course from any part of the globe. But let’s talk about some of the disregarded benefits of online education.

Cheaper Than Traditional Education

Most people ignore the fact that online education is a more economical option for students compared to traditional methods. Students planning to study out from their hometown are required to pay traveling expenses, hostel charges, food expenses, and recreational activities. 

On the other hand, if you opt for the online course, you are only required to pay for the course and the rest of the expenses will be eliminated. 

Self Tailored Program

Many online courses and ed-tech provide personalized tailored programs to satisfy the needs of students. Every student has a different learning pace and many students might have timing issues. 

If you are a student working as a part-timer, these video courses help a lot. Unlike in offline mode where timing is rigid, you can have flexible timing options with online courses. You can schedule your class timing accordingly, access pre-recorded videos and lectures anytime, and attend online exams to know your progress. 

Skill Upgradation

Approximately 30% of people go for a career shift globally and these online courses are not limited by age group. Even if you are an adult and looking to upgrade your job profile, then you can opt for various online skill courses. 

By the end of your course, the certificate you receive can get you an appraisal for your added skill or could get you a job upgrade. 

Expansion of Ed-Tech Industry

With the constant upgrades in technology and the introduction of the metaverse, the ed-tech industry is going to witness massive change. Just a decade we saw a massive shift in teaching methods, imagine if humanity fully tapped the power of the metaverse.

According to a MarketUS report, the global Ed-Tech industry is about to grow at a 19.2% CAGR from 2024 to 2033. With such a huge expansion, the teaching methods would eventually become more interactive. Especially with the help of 3D metaverse, the students could experience more like sitting in a classroom.

Various practical sessions could be held with more active participation from students which is not possible in current online classes. It’s just worth the wait. What wonders will the Ed-Tech sector bring in the traditional method of education?


The opinions on online education may alter depending on students’ needs. Many students may give value to offline mode due to the more interactive classes, social interaction with others, and higher value of the degree.

Although, opting for online courses is a great way to upgrade your skills and widen your career perspective. These online courses come in handy and can be accessed anytime, the best part is as a student it is a more affordable option and saves you a lot of unnecessary expenses. 

With the constant growth and upgradation in technology, the ed-tech sector is reaching new heights. 


Ans: The teacher uses several tools to make their class more interactive such as diagrams, graphs, and live experiments. Video makes online education more interactive and satisfies the psychological needs of students.

Ans: Both options have their own challenges and setbacks. It depends on the student’s needs and ability. For example, for a part-time worker attending regular college would be a hectic task.

Ans: You can get free online courses with certificates from Udemy, Coursera, and Harvard University.

Ans: It depends on age if the pupil is small then you should send them to school to have social interaction with other students. But if you are an adult or youth then you can go for online education.

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