YouTube Videos Are Skipping To The End For Users With Adblockers

| Updated on June 3, 2024
youtube skipping to end for adblockers

If you’ve been using an adblocker for watching YouTube, your videos might be playing a really cruel trick on you by skipping straight to the end. YouTube has been cracking down on adblockers since last year. First, they were just throwing up messages telling you to turn off your adblocker. If you didn’t, they’d stop the videos from playing altogether. 

Many users got so fed and either ditched their adblockers or got creative with some sneaky workarounds.

youtube skipping

But now, it’s like YouTube has upped its game. Starting this week, a lot of users with adblockers have noticed their videos jumping straight to the end as soon as they start. And even if you hit replay, it still skips to the end. Also, if you try to jump to a different part of the video, it just sits there loading forever. 

But that’s not all. When you turn off your adblocker, everything works perfectly fine. Smooth sailing. It’s pretty clear that YouTube might be doing this on purpose to make us give up on adblockers. But there’s another side to this story. Earlier this year, there was a nasty bug in AdBlock that caused videos to load super slowly and made your computer work extra hard. Back then, everyone blamed YouTube. Now, with this new issue, it seems like people using AdBlock are the ones suffering the most. People with other adblockers don’t seem to have the same problem. There are a few reports of this happening without any adblocker, but that’s super rare.

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