TikTok Will Now Allow Users to Upload Hour Long Videos

| Updated on May 22, 2024
upload hour long videos

 TikTok has long been a favorite for content creators for its short-form video format. But apparently, TikTok is not satisfied with just that. The company has been testing with 60-minute video uploads and the feature is now live only for select users.

The company has slowly bumped up the length of videos, in January, it gave some users access to 30-minute clips, and as of right now, users can upload content that is as long as 10 minutes.

tiktok videos

Content creators who sell subscriptions have also been given access to 20-minute video uploads.

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TikTok was one of the very first platforms to introduce short-form vertical video content, but these days the platform is looking into ways to add longer content streaming into its mix. Just earlier this year, some creators even got notifications that their content would get a boost if they shared horizontal clips instead of vertical ones.

And, according to the platform’s monetization program, creators now need to share videos that are longer than a minute to even qualify for monetization.  

While TikTok was the first to introduce vertical short-form content, many other platforms have adapted and implemented this feature on their platforms. But, as everyone is trying to recreate the appeal of TikTok’s success, the company is doubling down on long-form content and live-streaming to get users to spend more time on its platform.

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