The Google Pixel Watch 3 Has the Same Design as Previous Models

| Updated on June 12, 2024
pixel watch 3

Google created its first smartwatch in 2022. The Pixel Watch was the moniker given to this. Last year, Google made the Pixel Watch 2. Now, there are new pictures of the Pixel Watch 3. These images demonstrate how identical the Pixel Watch 3 appears to the Pixel Watch 1 and 2.

Google Pixel Watch 3

The screen of the Pixel Watch 3 will be rounded. The screen has a 1.2-inch size. It will have a digital crown. To help operate the watch, there is a small button here. 

The Pixel Watch 3 will have a bigger battery. The battery size is 307 mAh. Because of the bigger battery, the Pixel Watch 3 will be thicker than the Pixel Watch 2. 

Thickness of the Pixel Watch 3 will be 14 mm. The Pixel Watch 2 measured only 12.3mm thick.

There are also rumors that the Pixel Watch 3 will be available in two different sizes. One size will be 41mm. The alternative size will be 45mm. This is new because the older watches did not have the 45mm size.

Some people think it is okay that the design is the same. They like the design of the old watches. But, they want the bezels to be thinner. 

The edges that surround the screen are known as bezels. Others believe Google should add more new features. They want new things to make them want to buy the new watch.

The Pixel Watch 3 will run on Wear OS. The watch operates thanks to this software. The first Pixel Watch is also getting the new Wear OS 4 update. This means that the old watch will also be updated with the latest software.

Google continues to improve its smartwatches. We will see how people react to the Pixel Watch 3 when it comes out.

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