Is Your Cybertruck Affected? Tesla Recalls Trucks Due to Trapped Pedal Issue

| Updated on April 22, 2024

After all the hype and waiting, you might have to wait a bit more to get your brand-new Tesla Cybertruck. Recently, a TikTok video posted by Cybertruck owner Jose Martinez went viral. In the video, Martinez explained how the pad on top of the accelerator pedals in the Cybertruck came loose and got trapped in the interior trim, causing the Tesla to accelerate unintendedly.

tesla recall cybertruck

This came on when, on Thursday, Jose Martinez was trying out his brand new Cybertruck on the local dragstrip when suddenly the car started accelerating on its own. He said that the car would just continue accelerating even when he took his foot off the pedal. He said that he had to put his foot firmly on the brake to make the car stop, and only after taking a closer look did he realize what the issue had been.


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Acknowledging the issue in the video, Tesla has issued a voluntary recall of more than 3,878 Cybertrucks across the US to fix the “Stuck Pedalissue. Tesla’s service department plans to replace or repair the accelerator pedal assembly free of charge for all Cybertrucks they have shipped out to date.

In the defect notice, Tesla stated that an “unapproved change had been introduced to put the assembly pad onto the accelerator pedal.” The EV manufacturer first became aware of the issue on March 31, 2024, according to a filing. After checking on the issue, Tesla decided to place a voluntary recall on most of their Cybertrucks across the US on April 12th.

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