Sony Leak Allows Destiny 2 Players To Access The Final Shape Expansion Early

| Updated on June 5, 2024
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Bungie’s upcoming expansion, Destiny 2: The Final Shape, was supposed to drop on June 4th. But, some lucky players got their hands on it early this morning. Thanks to a glitch on Sony’s PS5 cloud streaming service, they’ve been sharing sneak peeks on Reddit and Discord.

sony destiny 2 the final shape

For about five hours, the whole DLC was up for grabs. This means we’ve got spoilers galore—think upcoming raid gear, seasonal goodies, missions, and even some juicy cutscenes. There are even videos popping up on YouTube showing off new weapons and gear. 

Bungie, obviously not thrilled, confirmed the leak today on X (formerly Twitter). They said the DLC was “accidentally pushed live” on the PS5’s streaming service, and a “small group of players” got to dive into The Final Shape’s campaign, collections, and rewards. They’re urging everyone to keep those spoilers to themselves and report any leaks. The Destiny 2 team shared how tough it is when their hard work gets leaked but they’re still pumped for the official release on June 4th.

Now, why is The Final Shape such a big deal? This expansion is set to wrap up Destiny’s epic light and darkness saga that’s been going strong for almost ten years. Players will finally face off against The Witness, the big bad commanding the Black Fleet—a bunch of ominous pyramid ships.

Plus, there’s a shiny new Prismatic Subclass coming. It’s like a power combo meal, mixing Light and Darkness abilities, which sounds like it’s going to shake up the game in an awesome way.

Sony and Bungie have fixed the early access glitch, but the spoilers are out there now, spreading like wildfire across forums, X, Discord, and Reddit. With so many leaks, it’s tough for fans to avoid them before the big day on Tuesday.

We’ve seen game leaks before—like with GTA 6 and some stuff from Insomniac Games—but it’s pretty rare to actually get to play a game early because of a server issue.

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