Is This the Future? Sanctuary’s AI Robot Learns in Under 24 Hours

| Updated on April 29, 2024

Sanctuary AI is often ignored when it comes to robotics like Boston Dynamics, Agility, and Figure, but the Canadian tech company has been operating in the shadows for some time now. Sanctuary has recently introduced its 7th-generation robot in its Phoenix line on Thursday.

While in the latest version, they have introduced legs to their new line of Phoenix robots, Sanctuary is still more concerned with what the robot can do from the waist up. New videos of the robot also focus more on the torso.

sanctuary ai

Sanctuary boasts how its robot movements are more human-like as it sorts through products and how fast it can learn that task.

Up until now, most robotics companies have mainly focused on making their robots move like humans. However, according to a statement by Sanctuary, the future of robotics lies in robotic intelligence. 

The company says that its Gen 7 Phoenix robot is capable of automating any new tasks in less than 24 hours. They have stated that “with generation seven, we have a system that we believe is the most closely analogous to a person of any available.”

The co-founder of Sanctuary also stated, “We see this as not only the cornerstone of general-purpose AI robotics but a critical step on the path of artificial general intelligence, and we’re thrilled to be leading the charge on it.”

Now, taking a look at Phoenix 7, the amount of time and consistency can differ based on the task it has to perform. Those featured in the demo are pretty simple ones, but Sanctuary actually deserves credit for already having deployed earlier systems. 

The company has also recently announced a deal that will bring its systems to Magna auto manufacturing facilities.

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