Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 and 4 Receive One UI 6 Beta Update

| Updated on July 1, 2024
watch 5 & 6

Samsung has now made the One UI 6 beta available for the Galaxy Watch 5 and 4 series. This update was previously limited to the Watch 6.The One UI 6 beta brings a few changes to how the watches work. 

One of the big changes is in health tracking. Galaxy AI now provides sleep insights. This means users can better understand how they sleep at night.Another change is in how users interact with the watch. 

Now, you can use a pinch gesture to select things on the screen. This makes it easier to use, especially if you find certain areas of the screen difficult to touch.Today, 

Samsung started letting people in the US try out the One UI Watch 6 beta on the Galaxy Watch 5 and 4. 

However, not all versions of these watches can get the beta. Some special editions are excluded.One problem with the beta update is that it only works on Bluetooth models of the Galaxy Watch 5 and 4. 

LTE models, which use mobile data, are not getting this update. Samsung hasn’t said why this is.Overall, the One UI 6 beta introduces new features to Samsung smartwatches, with a focus on health improvements and easier screen interaction.

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