Salesforce Uses AI Technologies to Save 50,000 Hours

| Updated on June 11, 2024
salesforce uses ai technologies

Salesforce, a major software company, saved 50,000 working hours in just three months. They used more than 50 new AI tools to help their workers do tasks faster and easier.

Over 70,000 people work for Salesforce worldwide. They make products that help workers in many businesses, big and small. These products are used on a daily basis for tech tasks, marketing, sales, and customer service.

The AI tools at Salesforce are called “Einstein.” They help in many ways. Einstein, for example, is used in BaseCamp, a forum where employees can ask questions and receive quick responses. It also helps new workers learn about their job and benefits. Einstein is also used to help plan and wrap up meetings in Slack, a chat and meeting platform.

Nathalie Scardino, Salesforce’s chief people officer, said these AI tools save time and make work easier. This allows workers to concentrate on more important tasks.

Salesforce demonstrates how AI can improve productivity and efficiency in the workplace. Other businesses can benefit from Salesforce’s AI tool success.

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