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| Updated on July 10, 2024
the Next Galaxy

Samsung is getting ready to show off the new Galaxy Watch at the Unpacked event in Paris on July 10. 

Even though it has not been officially announced, many leaks and rumors suggest it is happening. Today, Samsung gave us a sneak peek at the new BioActive Sensor in the watch. 

This sensor helps track health and fitness better. Samsung says this new sensor has advanced features that other wearables don’t have. The sensor design is better now with improved light-receiving parts and more colors in the LED lights. This means it can give more accurate health readings. 

The sensor’s performance has improved a lot, so they needed fewer parts, which made space for bigger LEDs. These improvements help measure important health metrics like blood pressure, heart rate, sleep quality, blood oxygen levels, and stress levels better. 

Samsung also says the heart rate measurement during workouts is now 30% more accurate. They added a new feature to track advanced glycation end products (AGEs), which helps measure metabolic health and biological aging.

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