Is Pixel Tablet Going Solo? Price Leak Hints at Dock-Less Option & Official Keyboard

| Updated on April 29, 2024
pixel tablet to release without dock

Google is preparing for the relaunch of its Pixel Tablet devices. Rumor has it that this time the Pixel Tablet will be released without a dock and will have an official keyboard and stylus in the mix.

Now a new leak has surfaced that hints at what the price of this new lineup of tablets will be like. According to a report, Google is set to release these new Pixel tablet accessories and start selling the device without its dock starting in May.

As confirmed by an article from Droid-Life, these listings show that the Pixel Tablet will be sold without its dock for $480. And this is just for the 128GB, the 256GB version will cost about $600.

pixel tablet

Presently, the tablet ships with a dock and retails for around  $730 on the Google Store, so this might just be a pretty neat discount that we can get from the company.

Although the leaked prices are still just a rumor at this stage, we can only wait and see how much Google plans to sell these devices and accessories.

Aside from this, the listings also revealed that the “Pixel Tablet Pen” as well as the “Pixel Tablet Bluetooth Keyboard” will be added to the lineup of accessories along with the tablet. The price for the accessories has not been confirmed as of yet but the price for the present keyboard and stylus are currently listed at around $100 and the new generation might cost a little more.

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