Open AI is Working on Its Own Search Engine Competitor To Take On Google and Bing

| Updated on May 10, 2024
openai to launch its own search engine soon

According to a recent report, OpenAI is allegedly working on a new search engine project to take on the likes of Google and Bing. The ChatGPT maker is slated to announce a new product this week at a developer conference.


Google continues to still be the GOAT of all search engines in the market, despite Microsoft’s push of AI into Bing. Interestingly, the activities of these search giants have not gone unnoticed. Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella stated that Bing has surpassed 140 million daily active users.

There is little to no information about OpenAI’s soon-to-launch ChatGPT-based search engine. According to a source, OpenAI has already registered a new domain under along with an SSL certificate.

As of right now, the domain does not work and will only direct users to a not found page.

And, according to a recent tweet, OpenAI’s CEO, Sam Altman, might be interested in the search engine landscape. As such, it is no surprise that OpenAI will be announcing a new AI-powered search engine very soon.

Well, Microsoft and OpenAI have been struggling with copyright issues as of late because their AI models depend heavily on online resources and many publishers do not want their content being used without consent or compensation.

That said if OpenAi can find a way to overcome the copyright issues it could potentially be ready to take on search engine giants with its very own in-house engine.

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