OnePlus Watch 2R Full Specs Leak: What’s New and Why Does It Exist?

| Updated on July 10, 2024
watch 2r

The OnePlus Watch 2R is about to hit the market, but it’s making people wonder why. We already know a lot about it thanks to a big leak and some official teasers.

Earlier this year, OnePlus Watch 2 was a big hit. It had great battery life, awesome hardware, and good performance for a fair price. 

Now, OnePlus is launching the OnePlus Watch 2R, which looks a lot like the Watch 2.OnePlus showed the first images of the OnePlus Watch 2R, OnePlus Pad 2, and OnePlus Nord Buds 3 Pro in a press release. 

They said the Watch 2R is a follow-up to the Watch 2 with a slightly different design and similar specs.The OnePlus Watch 2R keeps the 100-hour battery life and has an ultra-precise dual-frequency GPS. 

It has a sleek design with a lightweight aluminum body and a stylish bezel, coming in two colors.The only big new thing is the dual-frequency GPS, which the Watch 2 didn’t have.

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