Nothing Phone 3 Leaked with Mysterious Button – Did They Steal iPhone 16’s Secret?

| Updated on May 28, 2024
nothing phone 3

We’ve all been on the edge, waiting for news about the Nothing Phone 3. Well, there is finally some news about the news. And it is one that we’ve all been waiting for

Carl Pei, the CEO of Nothing, recently shared some snaps on Twitter showing off updates to the Nothing OS interface. While the software tweaks were cool and all, journalists over at Beebom noticed something way more exciting—the phone in those pics might just be the elusive Nothing Phone 3!

Nothing Phone 3 Leaks By Carl Pei CEO of Nothing

The Nothing Phone 1, Phone 2, and the newer Phone 2a all have three buttons – two volume buttons on the left and a power button on the right. But, the device in Pei’s photos flaunts an extra button on the right side, just below the power button.

What’s this mystery button for? Netizens have been dying to know! 

It’s a hot topic, especially with the buzz about Apple’s upcoming iPhone 16. Rumor has it, that Apple’s adding a new button below the power button on their next-gen iPhones too. For Apple, this new button might be a multitasker—a dedicated camera shutter, quick access to camera features, or other cool customizable actions powered by their AI.

Now, considering Nothing just announced ChatGPT integration into Nothing OS, could this extra button be their answer to quick AI access? Imagine having an AI assistant at your fingertips with just a press of a button!

People often say “Nothing” borrows a bit of Apple’s design magic. But if the Nothing Phone 3 hits the market before the iPhone 16, we might get to hear Nothing cheekily ask, “Who’s copying who now?”

As for more details about the Nothing Phone 3, it’s all hush-hush for now. But there are whispers of a powerful Snapdragon 8-series chip, upgraded Glyph LED lights, and an overall slicker user experience. 

Pei’s timely tweets could be a crafty move to build up the hype, hinting that the Phone 3 might be launching sooner than we think.

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