Is the M4 Coming to iPad Pro? Unveiling Apple’s Upcoming iPad

| Updated on April 30, 2024
ipad pro mp 4

Apple has been preparing for its big AI launch at this year’s Worldwide Developer Conference. But apparently, the tech company is going to start a little early this year with the all-OLED iPad Pro that it will be releasing at its May 7th event.

There is a high chance that the tablet will come with an M4 chip this year and it will be accompanied by a neural engine. This will make this year’s iPad lineup the first line of Apple’s first AI-powered devices.

In his Power On newsletter, Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman stated that Apple might be using its May event to explain more of its AI chip strategy and how the new iPad Pro and its other M4 devices will be using the company’s offerings in iPad OS 18.

Both of the next-generation Pro models are expected to get a big OLED upgrade and some other new accessories to boot. The CAD mockups that were leaked back in February pointed to a slightly thinner iPad with more rounded edges just like the iPhone 15 Pro, but for many people, that won’t be much of a redesign at all.

And, Apple making the tablet the focus of its AI efforts could spell disaster for the company as many are still skeptical of AI.

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