Mustafa Suleyman’s Controversial Statement on Online Content and Copyright

| Updated on July 2, 2024
mustafa suleyman controversial statement

Mustafa Suleyman, Microsoft’s head of AI, made an important statement. He said that anything put on the internet is “freeware.” This means anyone can use it for free. 

Mustafa Suleymans

He said this in an interview with CNBC.Suleyman believes that anything posted online can be copied and used by anyone. 

This includes text, pictures, and videos. But Microsoft’s own rules say something different.

Their terms and conditions state that content is still protected by copyright laws. This means you need permission from the creator to use it.U.S. copyright laws protect many kinds of work. 

It includes software, music, books, and movies. These laws state that work is protected the moment it is created. It doesn’t matter if it is shared online.

Many companies, including Microsoft, are facing lawsuits. They have been accused of using online content without permission to train AI models. This includes a big lawsuit from The New York Times.

So, while Suleyman believes online content is free to use, copyright laws state otherwise. It’s best to follow these laws to avoid legal trouble. Microsoft has been asked to comment on this issue.

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