Microsoft Enables Passkey Support for All Accounts (Finally!)

| Updated on May 7, 2024
microsoft enables passkey feature for all accounts

Microsoft has finally started rolling out passkey support for all accounts today. Now you do not have to fill in your passwords for signing in ever again. And, after you enable them, Microsoft account owners can now generate passkeys for their accounts across Windows, Android, and iOS.

Microsoft enables passkey feature

This makes signing in to your Microsoft account a lot easier.

Today, you can use a passkey to sign in to any Microsoft apps and websites and this includes Microsoft 365 and Copilot on desktop and mobile browsers. Also, according to a comment by the corporate VP of Microsoft Security, Vasu Jakkal— The support for signing into mobile versions of Microsoft accounts will be coming in the next couple of weeks.

Microsoft New Passkey Feature

Passkeys have been on the agenda of Microsoft for many years and they are finally taking a step towards creating a Passwordless future. The company first introduced Windows Hello authentication with Windows 10 in 2015 which allowed its users to sign in with face, fingerprint, or by putting in a PIN.

Microsoft then started supporting FIDO security keys in April of 2018 before they added a fully passwordless option for Microsoft accounts in 2021. Passkeys have now become an industry norm and many companies have started implementing them into their systems.

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