LinkedIn’s AI Job Coach Can Help with Your Job Applications

| Updated on June 14, 2024
linkedin ai job coach can help with your job application

LinkedIn has launched new AI tools to assist job seekers. These tools are for premium users and can write cover letters and edit résumés.

LinkedIn AI Job Coach Can Help with Your Job Applications

The new features make job searching easier and more efficient. You can search for jobs using simple phrases like “find me a marketing job that’s fully remote and pays at least $100,000 a year.” It is easier to do this than to use numerous keywords.

After finding a job you like, LinkedIn’s AI can help you apply. Upload your resume and the AI will suggest changes based on the job description. It can highlight important experiences or rewrite parts of your résumé. Using information from the job description and your profile, it can also create cover letters.

Karissa Bell, a senior editor at Engadget, tried these tools. She found the AI-generated cover letters to be good and not too robotic. Though she thinks this tool is useful for people applying to multiple jobs, she still feels she can write better cover letters herself.

According to Rohan Rajiv, product manager at LinkedIn, these tools assist users in beginning their applications. The company is still developing these AI features and may automate more of the job application process in the future.

LinkedIn’s new AI tools are a significant step toward making job searching easier and faster for all.

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