It Turns Out that the New and Thin iPad Pro is Pretty Sturdy

| Updated on May 21, 2024
it turns out the new ipad pro is pretty durable

Ever since Apple introduced the new and surprisingly thin iPad Pro, the internet has been asking just one question. Will it hold up or will it fold like the iPhone 4?

new iPad Pro is pretty durable

And a tech YouTuber by the name of JerryRigEverything just cleared those questions with a simple teardown video.

Jerry posted an 11-minute video on his channel on Thursday where he pretty much brutalizes the new iPad M4 Pro like he usually does.

And if you’re still wondering if your new iPad Pro with M4 will bend easily, you’ll get your answers about eight minutes into Jerry’s video. The verdict is, “Spoiler Alert,” and the iPad Pro can hold up pretty well.

Even with some aggressive bending, “that central spine is definitely providing enough structure for horizontal bends.” Vertical bends don’t do as well, though — the Pro cracks right at the charging port, which appears to be the main structural weakness of the device. Still, for what it is and how you’re likely to use it, the Pro should hold up fine.

Just like Jerry, other YouTubers are also posting their own take on how durable the new iPad Pro really is. You just have to see it to believe it. 

AppleTrack’s iPad Pro Durability Test proved to be pretty insightful as well. 

This year’s iPad Pro is built pretty durablely, which is a pretty stark contrast if you compare the build quality of the iPad over the years.

Apple has done a lot of hard work to make this year’s model next to indestructible.

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