iOS 18 Will Include A Waitlist For An Apple Intelligence Feature

| Updated on June 11, 2024
ios 18
iOS 18 Intelligence Feature

Apple is introducing a new feature called Apple Intelligence in iOS 18. It is also called “Graymatter.” At first, only some people could use it. This is called a limited preview. It may be sluggish to use for certain people.

Those who wish to use Apple Intelligence must sign up for a waitlist. This is because a large number of people may want to try it. This happened with other AI services, such as ChatGPT.

Apple Intelligence will work on iPhone 15 Pro and newer models. When the iPhone 16 models launch, they will all have it as well. This means more people can use it when iOS 18 is released.

The messages “Join the Graymatter Waiting List” and “Joined Waitlist” can be found in the iOS 18 code. As evidenced by this, the waitlist is prepared.

Apple plans to test and improve this new feature. The waitlist will help Apple manage how many people use it at first. This way, everything will run smoothly.

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